Abramtek M8 Box

Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker


Build Quality




Audio Output




Battery Life



  • Retro Look
  • Loud Sound
  • Fast Charging Option
  • Bass Control Option
  • Included Wired Microphone


  • Average Battery Life

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What`s so good about Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker?

Abramtek M8 Speakers

Some speakers look good, but sound average, but some speakers look great but sound excellent and one such speaker is the Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker. These speakers go hand in hand with your home decor and add a retro look, just keep it anywhere, be it your Table or showcase and this looks like an art piece.

We have tested many compact speakers till now and many were good too, but this one is different, the sound it produces is quite loud and clear, we were surprised by its sound output, given its compact form factor.

Abramtek sells the M8 speakers individually, but if you want a fully immersive experience, you get a pair of these speakers and connect them together, as they would sound even better.

What do you get inside the box pack?

Abramtek M8 Accessories

Unboxing the Speaker box pack, you get the following

  • Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wired Microphone
  • 2 Non-Slip Pads
  • User Manual

Design of Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker

Abramtek M8

The Abramtek M8 is a retro style Bluetooth speaker, that you can buy under $100, although this seem to be costly because of its premium look, but these costs way less than what a premium speaker costs, plus they sound like a premium speaker too.

The speaker has nice rounded buttons on the top and a strap attached to its sided to carry it anywhere with ease, the golden colored ring over the speaker woofer looks quite nice. The blackish green color truly adds the retro look to this speaker, and this adds retro ambiance to the place it is in, especially it looks amazing with your home decor, you can even use this speaker as a showpiece in your house.

Functions of Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker

Abramtek M8 Functions

To the top of the speaker, we have 4 multi function buttons, through which many functions of the speaker can be controlled, We have a button for powering the speaker, increasing/decreasing the volume, microphone reverb, play/pause button, and button for bass adjust and better surround sound effect, etc, also the Bluetooth connectivity gives a perfect stable range up-to 25 meters distance.

Sound Quality of Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker

These are 60W Bluetooth speakers that offer super loud volume levels, they can easily fill sound in your room, the high performance acoustic drivers coupled with high power amplifier help in creating the loud sound. 100dB produced from a compact size at 5×3.2×4.2 inches, this is surprisingly loud from a small portable speaker.

These speakers give amazing bass effects, and you would love to listen to electronic and bass-thumping music on these speakers, watching action movies with these speakers is crazy,, the detailed sound effect that you get out of these is really unmatched at the price they sell for.

The Abramtek M8 has a built-in bass control knob on the speaker, just rotate the knob to add more bass or maybe reduce the bass to enjoy the crisp clear midrange and treble sound, Even the vocal audio was crisp.

Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker – Ports

Abramtek M8 Ports

To the rear side, we have the regular ports, the USB A port, Microphone, Aux Input, Reset pin, Bluetooth Button, USB-C Port, You can also connect a pair of these speakers and get that [TWS], True wireless stereo effect, this can be done via Bluetooth pairing or by connecting both the speakers together using a 3.5 mm audio cable.

Abramtek M8 Speaker – Microphone for Karoake

Abramtek M8 Microphone

We also do get a wired microphone with this speaker, which is quite nice, one can use this for making announcements in parties, have a karaoke night, or maybe even use it in office conference rooms, the sound output will easily fill up a normal size room, the microphone also picks up the voice well, the built with MIC reverb and MIC volume control helps in customizing the sound output, just in case you want to have a wireless option, you can also connect a wireless microphone, and you are good to go.

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Battery Life on the Abramtek M8 Retro Speaker

These speakers have an 5000Mah lithium-ion battery, that gives a playback time of around 7 hours with good volume levels, This can be charged via USB-C fast charge [DC 5V-19V] and that makes the charging speed fast

But we can use always use a 15W wall adaptor or higher rated charging adaptors to get better charging speeds, than the normal charger.


We have tested many portable speakers, but this one is different, for the price these speakers sell for, the sound quality and retro design is unmatched, this makes a great gift for anyone who loves to listen to electronic, bass-thumping music and also enjoys a retro look.