HiFIMan TWS600

HiFIMan TWS600





  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Crisp Audio Quality
  • Good Battery Life
  • USB-C Charging
  • Long Range


  • Limited Ear Controls (One Button)

Do you use wireless earphones and not happy with frequent disconnection while you are slightly away from your phone? Here is something you should give a try.

What’s Inside the box?


  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Cable
  • HiFiMan TWS600
  • 3 Sets of Eartips
  • User Manual

Unboxing & Hands-On Overview – HiFiMan TWS600 

The Box packaging looks quite appealing & Some information is written over it, The box contents are well placed, We had a good Unboxing Experience.

Design & Fit

HiFIMan TWS600

In terms of design and fit these earphones look funky yet premium, the dark metallic shiny grey color gives an appealing look, and the led on the earphones make it look quite cool, HiFiMan TWS600 is built well and it feels solid, they fit perfectly in your ears, and don’t fall off even when you doing intensive work such as exercise at gym or running. A button is present in both the earphones is used to power On/Off or pair the earphones.

Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound Isolation 

HiFIMan TWS600

The Audio output via the HiFiMan TWS600 is very loud yet clear in our Opinion, We also noticed the sound balance is good as it offers crisp audio and balanced bass which is perfect for outdoor usages & enjoying some instrumental music.

The microphone was good enough to make and receive calls and we got decent call quality. Sound isolation on these earphones is just excellent, It almost isolates most of the sound around you and you only get the actual audio.

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Operations & Battery Life 

HiFIMan TWS600

Using the earphones is quite simple, you just one button on both the earphones, which can be pressed for a few seconds to turn it on/off and press it a bit longer will get it into pairing mode, While connected pressing the button for 2-3 seconds will trigger the voice assistant Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant.

The Earphones took around 1 hour to get fully charge & the case took 1.5 hours to get charged, We got around 5 hours of battery life with the earphone, at  70 percent volume level and we think its good enough, considering the fact that, one can get around 30+ hours of playback time with the charging case.


This is the are the HiFiMan TWS600 shines, The Connectivity is stellar, which means you can put your phone in the Living room, and use these in your parking area, etc, without any distortion or connectivity loss. We tested its connectivity range up to 100 metres and we got a perfect connectivity with clear audio.

Market Analysis of Premium Truly Wireless Earphones

We analyzed few TWS earphones in the market with the same feature set, and we feel that this is a bit on the pricier side, but given the fact that it offers such long connectivity range and its build is Top-Notch,  one should consider buying this earphones.


If you are a person who is into fitness or any physical activity work and want to get the best music experience and long connectivity range this is for you.



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