Nuraloop Earphones

NuraLoop Earphones


Build Quality




Noise Cancellation


Battery Life


Call Quality



  • Great for Calls
  • Noise Isolation - ANC
  • Personalised Sound
  • Wired + Bluetooth Mode
  • Great Battery Life


  • Propritery Charging Cable

Why NuraLoops Earphones?

We reviewed the Nuraphone headphones some months ago and now here we have with us a relatively newer model called the Nuraloops, these are the in-ear earphones, that have more or less similar features to the Nuraphone headphones, but you get all that good of the Nuraphone Headphone in an Earphone.

And many people prefer to use Bluetooth earphones over headphones, due to their compact form factor, Good Fit, Ease of carrying around, and quick charging options.

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What do you get with the NuraLoop Earphones?

Nuraloop Earphone Accessories
  • NuraLoop Earphones
  • Charging Cable
  • S,L,XL Eartips
  • Carrying Case

Key Features of NuraLoop Earphones

Nuraloop Earphones Features

Some of the key features that we really liked were

  • Amazing ANC – As more and more people are working from home, taking calls all day long they need a good earphone that had offers great noise isolation so that they can avoid any other distractions.

  • Great For Calls – The Calls made via these earphones were crystal clear, the ANC Mics cancel out most of the static background sounds and in turn, your voice is picked up well by the microphone.

  • Personalized Sound – You can customize sound according to your hearing sensitivity on the Nuraphone App, Some features like the Immersion Mode in the app helps you in customizing the level of immersion you want in your music, also there is something called Social Mode which can be enabled with tap and it allows to hear your surrounding, which is a really useful feature to have when you are traveling or at work.
  • Bluetooth + Wired Mode – This is a really useful feature because many Bluetooth earphones cant be used once the battery is drained,. but with these earphones, you can choose to use these as wired with the aux cable or wirelessly with the Bluetooth connection.

Sound Quality on the NuraLoops Earphones

As these earbuds use Eargels, they fit onto your ear very well and gives you a good vacuum, hence sound delivered to your ear is rarely distorted or interfered with.

The ANC made the sound out of these earphones even better, and we listen to a lot of vocal music on these earphones and the treble and the mids were excellent, even though the bass was good, we really enjoyed the simple instrumental music, the sound separation between the instruments and the voices of singers were clearly evident.

The NuraPhone App Personalization made some tracks sound much better than what you would get on your normal earphones, the app is definitely a great way to personalize your sound the way your like.

Battery Life on the NuraLoops Earphones

Nuraloop Earphones Box

The battery life on these earphones was good enough for 2 days of normal usage patterns, 7-8 Hours of usage a day at 70% percent volume levels, so in total, we got 14-16 hours of usage on a single charge, plus these earphones charge quickly you can easily get an hour of usage with just 4-5 Minutes of charge, and it takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours to get fully charged.

There is a proprietary charging cable that has to be used to charge these earphones if you lose them. you cant charge with normal USB cables, you would be required to buy a spare part from the NuraLoop website.

Our Experience with the NuraLoops Earphones

We liked the fit of these earphones, as before, we never had such an amazing earphone fit with any of the earphones we have used, also the sound personalization on the NuraPhone App adapts your hearing and delivers some great music to your ears.

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