Nokia 7.1





  • Vibrant Display
  • Excellent design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supports Dual Band WiFi


  • No Back Case Included

Are you looking for a  Phone that has a Robust Build , Superb Screen , Amazing Cameras , Here we have with us the Nokia 7.1 .

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This Review is Based on Thorough usage of the Nokia 7.1  as My Daily Driver for more than 2 Weeks .

Specifications of Nokia 7.1

  • – 5.84-inch, 19:9, FHD+ Display – HDR Screen
  • – Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Processor
  • – 4GB RAM
  • – 64GB On-Board Storage
  • – Rear : 12MP + 5MP Camera
  • – 8MP Front Facing Camera
  • – USB Type-C
  • – 3060 MAh Battery
  • –  NFC, Bluetooth 5. 0

Whats Inside the Box

  • Nokia 7.1
  • Charging adapter – 5V – 2A (10W Charger)
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • SIM ejection tool
  • Instruction guides
  • Earphones

Unboxing & Hand On Video


The design of the Nokia 7.1 Looks Super Premium , it has a sleek design and its Crafted Beautifully , the phone weight is well distributed all over the place and feel light in holding , The In hand feel of the phone is Excellent

Overall the Design is pleasing to eyes , The Volume Rockers and Power Buttons are Tactile and give good feedback . The Phone has Rounded Edges which makes it easy to grip , But Sometimes the Phone feels Slippery , (Recommend to get a Back case for your Phone)


Nokia 7.1 has a 5.84 inch, 19:9 , FHD+ 2280×1080 – HDR Screen – Which means you get upto 10 Billions Colours on your phone as compared to regular displays . As Any Nokia phone it also has deep blacks and colors pop Out to be very well , Sunlight visiblity is Great .

Brightness is Fair enough & the there are minimal bezels and oh yeah there is a Notch ! Which can be Disabled from Display Settings if you Dont want it . I am Extremely happy with the Display on the Nokia 7.1 .

Glance Feature

When the Phone Screen is off , a part of the Screen shows a Glance of Important information like Missed Calls , Text Messages , Emails , Alarm info , etc . This feature is quite useful for me as i can see my Useful information on the screen without unlocking it Cool Right ! .

You can Even Customize the time the Information is on Screen , By default the time is set to 1 Min , After That the screen will be Off and wont Show info Until and Unless there is movement of phone in Hand !

Note : Glance feature is now in all Nokia Android Smartphones



The Nokia 7.1 comes with a Snapdragon 636 Chipset , which performs Good in day to day tasks as it comes with Pure Stock Android its Super Smooth , it is Coupled with 4GB Ram 64 GB Storage + 400 GB of external storage Support .

This Phone has a Hybrid Sim Slot , General apps like Instagram , Facebook , Whatsapp and emails open quickly , Multitasking on this phone is also quite good , many of the apps are retained in the Memory , In my testing Period i never faced any lags in the UI .

The fingerprint sensor on the rear is very fast, and gives a Good haptic feedback , which will give you the sense of unlocking the Phone .

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So this phone runs on Android Pie 9.0 , Which is Super Smooth and Full of Features like Digital Well being , etc  – There is rarely any lag , The Phone also Supports Face Unlock which is Mostly Accurate .

The UI is very Fluid thanks to Pure Stock android on this device . The Battery Optimization is also good enough . During Standby ( When Phone is Idle ) – The Battery Drain is minimal. Even during Travelling the Battery drain is Very Less .

Digital Well Being 

See a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to.

Get a daily view of your digital habits:
• How frequently you use different apps
• How many notifications you receive
• How often you check your phone

Disconnect when you want to:
• Daily app timers let you set limits for how much you use apps.
• Wind Down reminds you to switch off at night, setting a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a good night’s sleep.

Battery Life

The Battery On this Smartphone is a 3060 Mah , which will last you for for Full day with Normal – Heavy usage Patterns , with WiFi , 4G Turned on , with Some Casual Gaming and Video Streaming.

We got almost 5-6 hours of Screen On Time with Medium Screen Brightness with almost 25 percent battery left at the end of Day . To My surprise the Nokia 7.1  Also Supports Quick Charge 3.0 . You can get your Phone Fully Charged up in almost 90 Mins.


The Nokia 7.1 Comes with a Dual Sim Support , it has Hybrid Slot for two sims one sim + Micro SD, It also supports Dual 4G Standby , and also have VoLTE Support , ( Jio and Airtel VoLTE Works Great ) without any Call Drops or Speed Issues ) , WiFi Reception is Great , It supports both 2.4GHz & 5GHZ Wireless Bands)

Audio & Telephony

The Call Quality via the Call Speaker is loud and clear and the main Speaker is on the bottom adjacent right to USB Type C Port , which makes it ideal spot for Speaker Placement , Generally while Playing Games or Seeing Video we tend to Cover the Phone Speaker and due to that we get muffled Sound .

But I am very happy to say This is not the Case with Nokia 7.1 , the Speaker placement is Perfect and you get Crisp & Clear Sound .

Gaming & Benchmark Video

We Played the Above Games (See Video) on this mobile and most games played Pretty Smoothly without any lags . We Played the games on High Graphics Mostly .


There was Rarely any Heat , But at after few minutes of intensive tasks the phone heats up a bit but it also cools down super quickly


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My Experience

It packs a 12 MP + 5 MP Dual Camera Sensor,  Which is Capable of taking some Good Pictures , The photos comes out to be quite natural , and are not over processed .

The Photos Taken in Low light too are Good Enough with Minimal Grains and Photos in Good lighting Conditions are Amazing with Perfect Edge Detection which gives perfect depth of field ( Bookeh Effect ) – Blurred Baground .

Same goes with the front Camera it packs a 8MP Front Selfie Camera which takes Good enough Selfies and also it has Some AI based Features , Which uses your Facial Data to make Cool Emojis .


Overall the phone performs exceptionally well , If you are a person who wants a phone with Amazing Screen & Great Software Experience – This is for you !

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