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So, a few days ago I was browsing the Internet to Watch Hindi Movies Online, Then I Came across ZEE5 App & came across some amazing Thriller Movies. So, I thought why not create an article on thriller movies that you can watch on ZEE5.

1. Mercury 

Mercury is a 2018 silent thriller movie, starring Remya Nambeesan, Prabhu Deva, Sanath Reddy, Shashank Purushotham, Deepak Paramesh, and Anish Padmanabhan. The story revolves around five friends who try to cover up the death of a friend who accidentally died from mercury poisoning. The problem arises when the dead friend comes out of his grave! Will he take revenge? What is the truth behind his death? 

Apart from Prabhu Deva’s fantastic performance, the sound design and cinematography deserve applause. Cinematographer S. Tirru, in particular, brilliantly lights up the screen in a toxic green hue during the factory scenes which acted as a subtle allegory to poisoning since the movie’s central premise is based on Mercury Poisoning.


Trapped is a 2016 Hindi drama starring Rajkummar Rao and Geetanjali Thapa. Shaurya, a call center employee, plans to get married to his girlfriend, Noorie. But one day, Shaurya unintentionally gets trapped in his new apartment in a deserted high-rise building. With no food, water, and help around, Shaurya must find a way out of the apartment. Will Shaurya survive this ordeal?

The movie makes an impact thanks to the amazing performance of Rajkummar Rao. The only actor on screen for most of the movie, Rajkummar is on the top of his game here. What further impressed me was his dedication to his craft as he had lost a lot of weight to look convincing as a starving man on-screen.

3.Aparichit The Stranger

Aparichit The Stranger is the Hindi dubbed version of the Tamil thriller Anniyan starring Vikram, Prakash Raj, Sadha, Vivek, Yana Gupta. In the movie, Aparichit is one of the multiple personalities of Ambi, the naive protagonist. The movie shows how Ambi becomes Aparichit and becomes a vigilante punishing the corrupt in the state.

Although an old Movie, I still liked the way Vikram has acted in the movie. The concept of multiple personality disorder is presented really well in the movie with a good social message weaved in.

4. Kahaani 2

Kahaani 2 is a 2016 Hindi thriller film starring Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal. The story revolves around Vidya Sinha and her daughter Mini. When Mini is kidnapped, Vidya rushes to her rescue, but meets with an accident and slips into a coma. Inspector Inderjeet who investigates Vidya’s case finds a diary at her home which has details about her dark past. As the investigation proceeds, the police begin doubting the identity of Vidya and the circumstances that surround her.

Just like its predecessor, the Screenplay in this movie was brilliant. The acting was top-notch too. But I would give a special mention to the cinematography as it brilliantly captures an intense mood, especially during the night scenes.

5. I (2015)

It is a 2015 action thriller film starring Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, and Upen Patel. The story revolves around Lingesan, a local bodybuilder, falls in love with Diya and accidentally enters the world of modeling. His growing popularity and righteousness threaten a few and they decide to make his life hell. How Lingesan bounces back and seeks revenge from his enemies forms the crux of the story.

An interesting take on the Beauty and the Beast fable, the movie is a visual treat and features one of Vikram’s best performances. The way he is able to emote even when under heavy makeup is simply astounding. Another highlight of the movie is the soundtrack by A.R Rahman who delivers songs that diverse in genres and appeal.

That was my list of Top 5 Thriller Movies you can watch on ZEE5. So, if you want to watch Hindi movies online, head over to ZEE5 App and begin your movie binge.