Lenovo Smart Display 10 Inch





  • Immersive Display
  • Unique Build
  • Excellent Touch Screen Interface
  • Google Assistant Integration
  • Good Audio Quality


  • Need to download Google Duo app for video calls

Have you ever wondered , what if we can have a display in our Kitchen , Living Room which would make our lives easier and at the same time be a source of Entertainment ? 

The Lenovo Smart Display brings you the best of the Google Assistant with an enhanced visual experience. When you can see what you need, life gets a little easier. You can do more, like tackle a new recipe, watch YouTube videos, check the weather, or check your to-do-list , etc –  Just say “Hey Google” and you’ll see.

 Lenovo Smart Display – Unboxing

Unboxing the Lenovo Smart Display we get

  • The 10 inch Lenovo Smart Display
  • A Charger
  • Few Paper Booklets ( User manuals , etc )

Design & Build 

The Lenovo Smart display has a quite minimalistic Design and is build very well , It has a  large 10 inch Screen screen to the front , with a speaker grill to the left Side , The Triangular shape at the back of the Product looks quite interesting , as it gives good support to the Product and can sit on any surface .

The Bamboo Paneling at the back is what catch my attraction the most , As it looks quite cool and also serves as an show piece in your Living room !

Display Quality 

The display on the Lenovo Smart Display is quite vibrant and looks amazing , the display gets adequately bright . The Screen can also be seen from edges and the colour fade is minimal , Hence you can see the contents on the screen from various edges , this is useful when using the Lenovo Smart Display in Kitchen .

Audio Quality

The Lenovo Smart Displays has 10-watt speakers. Which is Quite Loud and offers balanced Bass , Watching a video on YouTube or listening to music on Spotify , you get a Crisp and clear audio that you would enjoy listening to .

Some Cool Functionality


The Lenovo Smart Display can be used in various Places and it makes our lives easier in many ways such as in Kitchen , Living Room , etc

Using it in Kitchen

As you cook up in the kitchen and you get an idea to cook something new , Just ask the Google Assistant on your Smart Display to pull up a Recipe video on YouTube. With the high-definition screen and speaker, everything will look and sound crisp and clear.

Using it for Entertainment 

You can also use it to watch videos via various streaming services such as Youtube TV , HBO Now , Etc – Listen to music, podcasts, the radio, and the news, without touching a thing.

Using it for Smart home controls

Google Home works with over 5,000 smart home products— from air purifiers to coffee makers. All you need to do is ask. The Most Common being Nest , Philips Hue , TP-Link , Ecobee , Logitech , Etc

Using it for Video Calls

Lenovo Smart Display can we used to make HD Video Calls using Google Duo , The best part about that we liked was it has a button to mute the device’s microphone & also a physical shutter that blocks the Display camera. So that you can have your Privacy .


The Lenovo Smart Display is a useful Piece of Tech that looks Good and offers great functionality , One Should Definitely Consider checking this cool product out .