While phones have enormously enriched our lives, they have also encroached on them, Motorola believes it’s all in the balance.

As one spends more and more time staying engrossed in their phones, they miss out on spending time with people around them.

This Christmas, in an attempt to urge people to maintain a healthy #phonelifebalance, motorola nudged users to go beyond material gifts and shower their loved ones with something they would truly value – the gift of time.

As a part of its festive campaign – #TimeForJoy, Motorola asked users to pledge 60 minutes and share their own #TimeForJoy moment. Participation was made possible through many forums as people were asked to Like, Retweet, Tweet or Comment with what they would like to pledge their 60 minutes to and how they would utilize this #TimeForJoy.

For pledging their precious time, Motorola sent a lucky few, gifts that would allow them to spend #TimeForJoy with their loved ones, basis their wished shared with us. This included assorted tea bags, board games, yoga mats, dinner & movie vouchers amongst others.

The campaign hashtag #TimeForJoy trended at #1 nationally and the campaign garnered over 9 Mn impressions and 1.5 Mn engagements. Overall, 24.8 Million minutes were pledged by those who participated.

The campaign also drove offline engagement, staying true to the core philosophy of #phonelifebalance by organizing old-school dinner dates with couple bloggers who were challenged to spend 60 minutes with their partners without reaching out for their phones.
With integrated efforts to congregate an actual change, Motorola additionally sent alarm clocks to influencers, as a reminder to make #TimeForJoy and each minute count.

As the best way to celebrate is to connect with loved ones, even if it means disconnecting from phones for a while and striking much needed #phonelifebalance.

Minutes pledged towards meaningful interactions were collated on www.mototimeforjoy.com and updated real time as users participated in spreading true Christmas cheer.

Navin Kansal, CCO of 21N78E Creative Labs, the agency who conceptualized this campaign said, “While Christmas and gifting are synonymous, we looked at this occasion as an opportunity where we could get people to think beyond the materialistic and go back to real-world meaningful interactions.

That combined with Motorola’s ‘phone-life balance’ philosophy- a bold stance for any technology brand to take, made #TimeForJoy an ideal way to ring in Christmas.”

“We live in a hyperconnected world, where it’s easy to connect with those far away via our smartphones but we hardly make an effort to meet a friend over a coffee.

While forging numerous virtual connections, we’ve ended up losing out on real connections. As pioneers of mobile phones, motorola believes in striving for a better ‘phone-life balance’ and this Christmas, we wanted people to gift #TimeForJoy instead of material gifts and spend quality time with their loved ones.

With nearly 25 Million minutes pledged, we are quite pleased with the results of this campaign and hope to keep reminding everyone to strike a better phone-life balance in 2019.” is what Rachna Lather, Head of Marketing, Motorola India had to say.

According to Nikhil Shahane, COO, 21N78E Creative Labs – “So far, we have received pledges close to 24.5 million minutes. But more than the number, it’s the endearing intent of how people would like to spend their time that makes it so heart-warming. More so, for something which has not been designed as a contest (without any overt gratification to keep serial contesters and transactional engagements at bay), the response is overwhelming.”