Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken

McDonald`s has recently launched a new product in Chennai and that is Really Spicy and is crispy, Presenting the ” McDonalds Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken”

So We went to a McDonald’s outlet to check out the new Product, My Friend tried out the Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken and was really impressed with the Chicken wings and wished to come again.

This Product was recently launched in Chennai and has gained good popularity amount the people while chatting with the Store manager we got to know that the Ghost Chilli used in this product is Really Spicy.

So My friend (Left) tried it out and had tears rolling down his eyes! He loved the taste and said he felt the Spice in the Chicken Piece till his last bite.

McDonald`s Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken Banner in Outlet

As stated on the banner the Chicken Piece had ” Vera level Spice till the last bite ” – aka ” Next Level Spice till the last bite”, The prodcut used the Ghost Chilli and other Spices in the chicken which makes it taste really good.

McDonald`s Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken Menu 

The Pricing of the Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken is also economical and starts at Rs.89 for 1 piece, Rs.169 for 2 pieces.

The Ghost Chilli Spicy Chicken Sharing Box

This is the Chicken Sharing box which comes with 5 Pieces for Rs.439 or you can also get 10 pieces Sharing box for Rs.859. Which means you have a lot of options to choose from in terms of quantity of the Chicken Pieces.

It is Crispy from outside and juicy from the inside, This Chicken is Marinated with the Spiciest Chillis in the World, which is the Ghost Chilli.

Some Features of McDonald`s Spicy Chilli Chicken 


  • High in Protein
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colour
  • No Artificial Flavour

Check out Our Experience Vlog 

A Big Hoarding of the Product in VR Mall, Chennai