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Bluetti AC100 Power Station


Built & Design


Battery Performance





  • Large Battery
  • Bright LED Light
  • Charges Quickly
  • Solar Charging Option
  • Comfortable Grip Hold


  • A bit Bulky

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Why do you require a big portable power station

Many of us go for campings and RV trips, and we may have been in a situation where we would have required a good amount of electricity, for powering our mini appliances like the mini-fridge or lighting our camps.

Many times due to unavailability on the power source, our trip is not enjoyable, To address this situation, we have with us the Bluetti AC100, A Portable Power Station with long battery backup.

Generally, people who live in big houses have a fuel generator, which runs on diesel. But these power stations create air pollution, instead, people can use an electric power station like the Bluetti AC100.

What do you get inside the Bluetti AC100 Box?

Box contents of the Power Station

  • Bluetti AC100 Power Station
  • 100W Power Adaptor
  • 1 PV solar charging Cable
  • 1 Cigarette Lighter Cable
  • A Simple Carry Bag
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Features of Bluetti AC100

Bluetti AC100 Power source

The Bluetti AC100 is a 1000Wh/600W portable power station that is double in size, and almost 2x powerful than the traditional portable power stations available in the market. The Bluetti AC100 also comes with a 2 year warranty period.

Smaller Version Bluetti AC50

We recently reviewed the Bluetti AC50 portable power station, which has a very similar feature set as of the AC100, but has a smaller battery capacity and is mostly used only when required or for a short period of time.

Check out the Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station Review!

Design & Build Quality

The Bluetti AC100 has a rugged design, same as the Bluetti AC50, but it has an extra rubber covering to its body, which adds a better grip, and one can easily place the power station in uneven surfaces and use it.

Front Side

To the front side, we have a bright screen display that shows the battery usage and charging parameters such as, the power input/output usages, and below the display, we have the car and USB Ports.

Rear Side

To the rear side, we have few output ports and vents that help in better airflow, this helps in maintaining a normal temperate if the power station when it is being used extensively.

Led Light

To the rear side above the power ports, there is a red light which can be turned on with a push of a button and this has the power to illuminate your whole backyard easily and covers a wide area, this would be great for camping and RC trips where we need good lighting source in the evenings & low lighting conditions.

Built & Weight

The Maxoak Bluetti AC100 weighs in at 35 Pounds / 16 Kilograms, which is on the heavier side, but thanks to the rubbery grip on the handle, it can be easily carried to different places.

If you want a lighter power station and can compromise on the battery capacity, you can go for the Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station.

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The functionality of Bluetti AC100

Bluetti AC100 Uses

The Bluetti AC100 comes with many features that not only help during a power outage but even in our daily lives, such as a provision to charge our smartphones, laptops, small home appliances, and other power-intensive gadgets. The gadgets that have a rating of < 600W can be used with the portable power station and that includes mini-fridge, music systems, photo studio lights, etc

This power station also comes with a 2-year warranty & has a BMS (Battery Management System) that enables short circuit protection and has many other safety functions.

Battery & Charging

Bluetti AC100 Battery

The Bluetti AC100 has an LG Lithium-ion Cell, which is huge and is rated at 1000wh/600W, which means this gives around 270270mAh Usage at 3.7V, and 67568mAh usage at 14.8V.

The Battery has an impressive life cycle of 2500+ recharges and has a shelf life of 3-6 months, which is quite good as you don’t need to charge it often.

There are two ways to charge the Bluetti AC100

1. Plug It Into The Wall & it will Fully charge In 10 Hours (AC).
2. Charge using 200W solar Panels and the battery will get fully charged in 6-7 hours

Bluetti AC100 Power Output Options

Bluetti AC100 Front
  • 12V/9A [108W] Port DC Car Port
  • 4 USB 5V/3A [15W] Ports
  • 1 USB Type C 45W Port
  • 1 Led lighting/SoS Port
  • 2 AC 110V Ports

Which gadgets can Bluetti AC100 Power?

  • Smartphones : 85+ Recharges.
  • Laptop: 14+ Recharges.
  • GoPro Camera: 180+ Recharges.
  • LED TV (32w): 26.5+Hrs of Video playback time.
  • Car Fridge (40w)  : 21.25+Hrs of Usage.
  • CPAP(60w):  14+Hrs of continuous usages.


The Bluetti AC100 gives you good battery life & lasts longs, it is also a stylish portable power station that can you carry anywhere with ease.

Note: This is a Product Feature Review Article.