echo dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot With Clock





  • Good Functionality
  • Budget Smart Speaker
  • Lots of Alexa Skills to explore
  • Easy to use


  • Fabric Attracts Dust Easily

Nowadays smart speakers have become more accessible to people, and their functionality has been improved a lot, thanks to developers who develop some awesome skills for the same.

Unboxing, Setup & Demo Video

Design & Looks

echo dot with clock

The Amazon Echo dot with Clock has a simple yet classy design, this speaker adds charm to any place you keep it, be it a shelf or a table, with the cool led light, which shows the time, this makes a great gadget to own.

To the top, we have 4 buttons for easy operations of the echo dot with clock

  • Playing/Pausing the Audio
  • Increase/Decrease the volume
  • Microphone Mute Botton for Battery Privacy

The Echo dot with clock comes in just one colour variant & that is white, you have to make sure, the surrounding you have kept the smart speaker is clean and touch the echo dot with clean hands, as its fabric grill attracts dust and its a bit difficult to clean it.


echo dot with clock

Whether you live in a small or a big space, just add additional echo devices to your home set up and you can make your home smarter. One can have as many echo devices connected together and control all of them via a single Alexa app on your phone and have a lot of fun exploring cool Alexa skills.

There are many Alexa skills that one can try, from asking Alexa to play music from our favourite music player, read the news brief or to ask the weather, etc.

Alexa Language Support

Alexa now supports Conversations in the Hindi Language too, which is amazing, considering the fact that the majority of India’s population converses in Hindi, and there are also many new Hindi based skills getting developed rapidly. Kids would love conversing with Alexa, it’s fun as well as us knowledgeable.

Check out the Alexa skills your kids would love

Sound & Microphone Quality

The Sound output via the echo dot with clock is fair in our opinion, it is not the loudest compact speaker out there, but yes given its functionality, the sound is good enough, there is a punchy bass effect, you would enjoy listing to bollywood music in this smart speaker .

Talking about the microphone reception, it’s better than what we expected, the echo dot with clock picks up our voice even from a good distance.

One of the best features we like about the Amazon Echo range of the smart speakers is, the easy to access the mute microphone button and option to delete our voice history from the app, privacy-focused people would like this product.

Final Thoughts

The Echo dot with the clock is a featureful smart speaker that has a lot of functionality if you are a parent you should definitely consider getting this for your child.