tonor trl-30

TONOR TRL-20 : 12-inch Selfie Ring Light


Build Quality




Ease of Use


Bluetooth Remote Shutter



  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • 10 Brightness Levels
  • Tripod and Mobile Holder Included
  • Compact Form Factor


  • Rare Lag On Bluetooth Shutter

Why do you need a Selfie Ring Light?

We all take selfies from our smartphones, tablets, webcams, etc. But most of the time, due to low lighting conditions indoors, the photos don’t turn out to be sharp.

In this digital world, many people also make vlogs, do a lot of video meetings and, due to poor indoor lighting sources, the video turns out to be of poor quality, and no one likes low-quality videos.

To get a good video or photo, you need good lighting, but for the same, We put up studio lights or maybe big led lights and they would definitely, serve the purpose but, is that cost-effective? Is it portable? No Right!

To address this issue, one can buy the Tonor TRL-20 Selfie Ring light, which is compact in size and it also comes at a low price.

What you do get with the Tonor TRL-20?

  • 12 Inch Ring Light with USB Power Supply.
  • Adjustable Metal Tripod Stand.
  • Mount Phone Holder
  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter
  • Manual

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Key Features of Tonor TRL-20 Selfie Light

  • Adjustable Light: The Tonor TRL-20 offers 3 different color modes for various scenarios, [cold, warm & natural], also there are 10 levels of brightness settings for better lighting control, The color temperature ranges from 2700K-6500K. One can try out different modes for their various usages like video calls, Making Vlogs, taking selfies, etc.

  • Included Tripod Stand: The tripod Stand, has 4 adjustable height settings, from 16inch to 52 inches, there is an anti-slip base that helps the tripod to stand even on an uneven surface.

  • Bluetooth Shutter Remote: The Bluetooth shutter remote can be used to click photos and start or pause videos, this remote gets connected to our device [Smartphone or Laptop]. Although sometimes the shutter does lag a bit, but most of times it work well.

  • Better Light for your eyes: There are 160 high-quality LED bulbs built into this selfie ring light, according to Tonor it enhances the brightness by over 30% than the 10″ ring light that is generally available in the market. It also emits a soft light that gives the face a good tone and prevents eye glare.

  • Better Life: This selfie ring light adopts overvoltage protection and electrostatic shielding technology in their led bulb circuit, making the average life of the bulbs to be around 2000 hours, which is quite good.

  • Easy to Use: This Product is very easy to use, its just plug and play, no need to install software or app,etc. Just plug in the power source,and use the included Bluetooth remote shutter to easily take selfies and record videos.

How to get the best performance out of the Tonor TRL-20

While using the Tonor selfie ring light to take amazing selfie or great quality videos, make sure to follow below 3 steps.

  • Use the Selfie Ring Light Indoors
  • Place the Selfie ring light in a even surface, like a table.
  • Adjust the tripod height and the Ring Light , so that its is in line with your face.


Overall the Tonor TRL-20 is a good selfie ring light, that comes at a budget price, yet offers good performance and comes with a included tripod and Bluetooth remote.

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