Stop-O Power Spray

Recently we were invited to the Launch of Stop-O Products by Cycle brand, to check out their new range of products. Cycle brand is known for its Agarbatti / Incense sticks.

These products are used by us in our homes on a daily basis, and they help up in maintaining a good smell throughout our home.

The main product that was launched was Stop-O, it’s a one-touch push room freshener which is quite compact and can fit anywhere in your homes.

Below are some of the products from the Cycle brand that we saw in the launch event.

Stop-O (Power Spray)

  • One Package Contents:-1 No. Power Spray Dispense, 1 No. Power Spray Refill (12ml).
  • It’s slim, smells greats and is available in two amazing fragrances
  • Powerful air freshener to give you a blast of fragrance.
  • It offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant.
  • Direction For Use:- Open the dispenser and place the fragrance can in the appropriate cavity. Hang or stick the dispenser to any vertical surface. Press the lower part of the dispenser to release the fragrance.

Lia Room Air Freshener

Bring home the freshness of nature with Lia room fresheners. Consumer-friendly spray-through caps for ease and safety. One Can (160gm) will provide 600 sprays of 2-3 seconds duration. Wide Range of Room sprays with Strong Fragrances will make your space pleasant. It can be used as Home Freshener, Room Fresheners, Car Freshener, and any Indoor-outdoor Freshener.

  • Lia Car Mist available in Sparkling Citrus, French Lavender, Ocean dream and Amber Spice Fragrances
  • Fragrance – Amber Spice, 100 ml.
  • Each Lia Car Mist allows you to have over 500 Sprays.
  • Fragrances comply with IFRA Standards ( International Fragrance Association)
  • Directions : Spray nozzle towards Foot mat just below AC vent for 2 to 4 times at regular intervals whenever required


We tried all of the products and they smell good, the power spray effect lasts for long in a closed environment and in an environment with windows, etc it lasts around 10-15 mins.

On the launch event, we got to know that, the fragrances are made of natural elements and they mostly won’t cause any issue to people allergic to perfumes, etc.

The above product are priced economically and can be bought online, especially the Stop-O Power Spray is really useful in keeping your surroundings fresh.

To buy the products mentioned above simply click on the blue text headline.

Ps: Product Features are taken from Internet Sources.