Redragon K530 mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K530 & Impact Elite M913 Mouse


Build Quality


Typing Experience


Battery Life


Mouse Precision





  • Budget Price
  • Ergonomic Build
  • Precision Mouse
  • Battery Life
  • RGB Lighting


  • Limited Programming Customization

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Why Redragon Products?

Many of us are in the lookout for gaming hardware like mechanical keyboards and gaming mouse, that has the latest features and yet comes in a budget price tag, that’s where the Redragon products shine, best features in competitive prices.

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Redragon K530 Keyboard Features

Redragon K530 mechanical Keyboard Features

The Redragon K530 is an ultra minimalistic tenkeyless (TKL) design mechanical gaming keyboard with 61 keys that allows for better gaming and typing experience.

What’s inside the box of the Redragon K530 Keyboard?

Unboxing the Redragon K530 Mechanical Keyboard unboxing

Unboxing the box pack we get the following products

  • Redragon K530 Keyboard
  • USB-C cable
  • Tools to replace Switch
  • Hot-Swappable OUTEMU Box Brown Switches

In terms of Build Quality, this keyboard feels solid, the plastic used in the keyboard body is of good quality, the keys give good tactile feedback and give that clicky sound, the typing key travel distance is good for average user hands.

Redragon K530 mechanical Keyboard Switch

To the left side of the keyboard, there is the power on/off button, few led lights to show the battery status of the keyboard, USB-C port for wired usage and charging, and the Bluetooth switch for connecting to multiple devices.

Redragon K530 mechanical Keyboard keys

With the Redragon K530 keyboard, you also get an additional 4 types of different switches the Hot-Swappable OUTEMU Box Brown Switches, that can be replaced with the existing once with the help of the provided tool. These switches are considered best for typing.

Redragon K530 mechanical Keyboard Software

We also have drivers and software for the Redragon products, which can be used for configuring the different shortcut keys, RGB lighting,etc.

Redragon K530 Keyboard Quick Overview Video

Redragon Impact Elite M913 Wireless Mouse Features

Redragon Impact elite m913 mouse features

The Redragon Elite M913 is a wireless gaming mouse, that is ergonomically made and fits the hand perfectly, this can be also used as a daily use mouse, the scroll is smooth, buttons are tactile, and give good feedback, the mouse can be easily used for 60+ hours on a single charge.

This mouse has dual modes of connectivity the 2.4Ghz wireless and USB-C wired mode, with 12 programmable buttons to the side, and is Equipped with 5 onboard DPI levels (1000/2000/4000/8000/16000).

What’s inside the box of the Redragon Impact Elite M913 Mouse?

redragon elite m916 mouse unboxing

The Packaging is minimalistic, Inside the box pack, we just get the Mouse, the USB Dongle, and the USB Cable for Charging the mouse.

redragon elite m913 mouse

To the front we have the buttons with the scroll, that has the led light to it, also there are buttons to the left that can be programmed and this will help in better gaming.

redragon elite m913 mouse unboxing bottom

To the rear of the mouse, there is the mode switch button and the power on/off button, there is also an Eco mode that consumes less power and gives better battery life.

Redragon Impact Elite M913 Gaming Mouse Quick Overview Video

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Our Experience with the Keyboard & Mouse

We liked the Redragon K530 Gaming Keyboard and the Redgragon M913 Wireless Gaming Mouse, We used them as our primary keyboard and mouse for around 2 weeks and we enjoyed gaming sessions on this keyboard and the precision of the mouse.

The Software used for the customizing is average in options, you are a programmer/Coder and want to many customizations according to your code editors, it’s a bit tedious process with the software, is a bit confusing.


In our opinion, Redragon products offer a lot of advanced features, are ergonomically build, and priced in the budget, this will be makeup to be good daily use as well as gaming keyboard mouse.