GT Racing GT-099 Gaming Chair

GT Racing GT-099 Gaming Chair


Build Quality


Overall Design


Ease of Assembly





  • Good Build
  • Car Quality PU Leather
  • Attractive Design
  • Comfortable for Long Use


  • Average experience while sitting Cross Legged

Why GT Racing GT-099 Gaming Chair

We all love to game, and while building our gaming setups, we often tend to buy some gaming-related gear that suits our setup, and gives a gaming vibe. One such cool gaming product we came across is the GT Racing GT-099 Gaming Chair. This chair sells for under $170 and looks quite stylish.

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Unboxing Experience

GT Racing Chair box pack

The Gaming chair comes packed well in a cardboard box, with good supportive packaging such as bubble wraps, to ensure the items inside the box pack don’t get any defects during the transit.

You get all the necessary screws and accessories to make sure, you can assemble this chair easily. The User manual is detailed and shows how to assemble the chair properly. We assembled the chair in less than 30 minutes.

What’s Inside the Box Pack

GT Racing Whats inside the box

Inside the box pack of the GT Racing GT-099 Chair, we get the following items:

  • GT-099 Chair
  • Lumbar Pillows
  • Plastic Base
  • Wheels
  • Arm Rests
  • Set of Screws
  • User Manual

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Features of GT Racing GT-099 Gaming Chair

This Budget Gaming chair offers great features for the price it sells for, Some of the key features of this gaming chair are:

  • Ergonomic Design: This chair is ergonomically designed so that one can use this chair for long sessions and still feel comfortable.
  • Headrest/Lumbar Pillows: The Pillows are of good quality had had adequate foam, this makes sure you don’t feel any discomfort and can enjoy your work/gaming sessions.
  • Up to 170 Degree Recline & Rotate function: With this gaming chair you can lean back up to 170 degrees, which means you can even have sleep/ have rest on this chair, this base also has 360-degree rotation to ensure smooth gaming experience.

Build Quality & Comfort

GT Raching Gaming Chair Comfort

The PU Leather on this gaming chair feels to be of good quality, the ergonomic design makes it a good buy, this also looks quite stylish and one can sit for long hours and still feel comfortable while using this chair.

Although, We felt that one can only sit the normal way in this chair and not crossed legged or any other position as the cushion base pads make it uncomfortable to sit in any other position. This chair can be best used while hanging you legs down.

GT Racing Product Quality

The Arm Rest worked very well and it can be adjusted according to your comfort, the base spiring is also quite responsive and worked every time we pull the lever to adjust the heigh or lean back.

The base is made up of Plastic, which we feel, a steel base would have been great but you really can’t ask more for the budget price this chair sells for, This chair supports up to 300lbs of weight, overall the build quality is good enough for the price.

GT Racing GT-099 Video Overview


If you are getting started with gaming or just want to buy a good ergonomic feel chair on a budget without spending much, you can definitely check this GT Racing GT-099 gaming chair out.