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  • Upto 50 Decibel Amplification
  • TV & Conversation Modes
  • Good Build Quality
  • Smartphone App


  • Sells in Single Unit

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What is a Hearing Loss & Why should you care?

Many of us would have experienced muffled sound in our ears, due to cold or change in air pressure while traveling in an airplane. How do you feel when this happens, annoying right?

Think of people who have such issues with their ears, naturally or due to aging factors & they have to live with it, don’t they deserve a good listening experience?

According to some estimates, it is said that over 5% of the world’s population, which is around 450 million people have some sort of hearing loss, the majority being adults and some children too. And still many don’t know about their hearing loss or choose to ignore it due to high prices of Hearing Aids.

Why Olive Smart Ear Hearing Earbud?

Olive Smart ear Box features

To address this low-mild hearing loss, the Olive nation has come with a brilliant product called Olive Smart Ear hearing earbud, this helps in personalizing sound according to your ears, and helps in having a good sound listing experience, for the people having low to mild hearing loss problems.

Traditional hearing earbuds cost upwards of $800 and that’s pretty costly, But thankfully with the Olive Smart Earbuds, people with mild hearing loss don’t require to buy such expensive ear aids, these earbuds cost around $299 and can boost volumes levels up to 50 Decibels.

This is not a medical-grade hearing aid, that is used by people with severe hearing loss or who require high levels of sound amplification, but this will be more than enough for the majority of people, who have low-mild hearing issues.

What`s inside the box?

Olive Smart ear Box Contents

Inside the Olive Smart ear box pack, you get the following items

  • Olive Smart Ear – 1 Earbud
  • Charging Dock
  • Ear Tips & band
  • USB Charging Cable
  • AC Adaptor

Design & Fit of the Olive Smart Earbuds

Olive Smart ear Earbuds

We get the Olive Smart ear in 2 color options, Black and white, You can either get a single piece or order a pair of these earphones. They have a circular shape with microphones to the back which also acts as the touch controls for the earbuds.

These earbuds sell in individual pieces, and one can buy a pair if required, these earbuds fit perfectly in the ears and also lightweight, they weigh in at just 7 Grams. Although to find a perfect fit for your ears you would need to try out the different ear tips.

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Functions of the Olive Smart Ear Earbud

Olive Smart Earbuds Sound Calibration

In terms of functionality, the Olive Smart Ear Earbuds are quite similar to the basic truly wireless earphones, that we use such as AirPods, etc. There are touch controls on the back panel of the earbuds, they can be used as; Single tap to decrease the volume, double-tap to increase it, or keep it pressing for few seconds to get it into pairing mode.

Key Features of Olive Smart Ear Earbuds

Olive Smart Ear Smartphone App
  • Personalised Sound : One can easily personalize sound according to their hearing abilities with the help of the Olive Ear Smartphone app.
  • 3 Microphones for Better Listening: The Microphones on these earbud picks up sound pretty well and amplifies the same and the person wearing it can hear a boosted natural sound.
  • 7 Hours of playback Time + 20 hrs with Charging dock: One can be worry-free of charging the earbuds frequently, as use these earbuds even while travelling or can even use it regularly, Once the earbud is out of charge, just place it in the dock and it will charge it automatically, there is no need to connect to any cables too.
  • Easily Switch Multiple Modes for different Scenarios: We can have multiple modes set up in the smartphone app for different situations, such as one on watching TV, having a conversation with someone over the phone, etc.

Demo Video : How to Use the App

Our Experience

Olive Smart Ear Modes

We tried these earphones and we can say these earphones definitely helps in better hearing, although it will take few days to get accustomed to the sound, but eventually people using this would be able to hear and listen much better.

The Default and TV mode had some buzzing noise [Little white noise], this is due to multiple frequency amplification by the earbuds, but with the conversation mode, there was minimal to no background white noise buzz as the earbuds only require to amplify one voice frequency.


Olive Smart Ear Features

The Olive Smart Ear Earphones would be a great product for people over 60 years or someone with mild hearing loss, this certainly works and helps in the better listening experience. You can get a pair of these, for elders who have hearing issues for a better experience.

Image Credits : Some Images shown in this article are taken from Olive Union Website.