The Preethi Turbo Chop is your perfect partner in the kitchen. It not only cuts vegetable and nuts perfectly but also helps you make your favorite chutney or puree in no time. This in turn makes cooking fun and gives you more time, especially when you have to take on busy mornings that are filled with endless number of things to do.

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Getting a hand blender for your kitchen will make sure that you have got yourself an able and competent assistant. Extremely handy, simple to operate and multi-utility in nature, this Preethi Turbo Chop has a 450 watt motor that will help you chop or make chutney in seconds. You can also use these hand blenders to make gourmet dips or grind nuts easily. This turbo chop has high precision super sharp blades that will mince meat in a minute and perform many other functions as efficiently. With this device, kitchen jobs will be done quickly because it has a hassle-free operation and cleaning it is super easy.


This Preethi Turbo Chop will be your best kitchen companion. The appliance consumes around 450 watts of power with an input of 220 to 240 volts for efficient functioning. This makes it an energy efficient home appliance and easy on your pockets.


This Preethi turbo chop houses a food grade transparent SAN material bowl with a capacity of 0.7 litres. This SAN bowl allows you to assess the consistency of your food. This way, you can adjust it according to you own liking and preferences. The capacity of bowl is much larger than that of a chutney jar in a mixer grinder. Yet it takes lesser space in your kitchen as compared to a mixer grinder.


Preethi turbo chop CH 601 eliminates the hassle of operating with knobs. It can be operated simply with a light press on the top. This appliance stops once you take your fingers off from it.


Preethi turbo chop is designed with a stainless steel blade. This stainless steel blade makes the chopping extremely fast and easy, while the blades stay durable and long lasting. With this, you have more time for other tasks.


Preethi turbo chop CH 601 is designed with an ABS body along with a SAN bowl to make sure that it is shock proof. It also houses a thermal overload protector which automatically switches off the chopper in case of overload situations.


The capacity of bowl is much larger than that of a regular chutney jar in a mixer grinder. This allows you to make considerably larger quantities of food and yet this appliance occupies only one-fourth of the space needed by a mixer grinder. The chopper has dimensions of 26 x 14.4 x 13 cm and weighs 676grams.