Mobiistar X1 Dual

Mobiistar Announces the launch of a range of 5 selfie centric smartphones ,Aiming to rope in more than 3000 employees and 600 distributors to bolster its offline market

International smartphone brand Mobiistar, today announced its entry into India’s offline market bringing a range of 5 selfie centric smartphones. With its brand promise to ‘Enjoy More’ by bringing uncompromised user experience, Mobiistar showcases its commitment to India by taking a step further in offering a great selfie experience at affordable price points with 5 smartphones.

To bolster its operation pan India, Mobiistar is going to partner with 600 distributors across the country for its seamless entry to the offline market. The company also has over 1000 service centres pan India to live up to its promise of best in class customer experience. All the devices will be available at stores across the country, from 1st August.

Mobiistar’s new range is available at extremely attractive prices. The C1 Lite will be available at INR 4,340, C1 at INR 5,400, C2 at INR 6,300, E1 Selfie at INR 8,400 and the X1 Dual at INR 10,500 thus giving consumers smartphones at every price option between the 5k and 11k segment.

Talking about the launch, a very excited, Mr. Carl Ngo Co-founder and CEO of Mobiistar, India and Global said, “While we entered the country in May, we wanted to highlight our strong commitment towards the country by establishing ourselves more deeply into its ecosystem. 70% of India’s smartphone market is offline and even before coming into the country we knew we would eventually take our product portfolio offline.

Our phones cater to the selfie driven Indian who is also cost conscious thus Mobiistar provides a meaningful user experience with affordability. We want to give our consumers a chance to shine and Enjoy More through our new range and provide them with excellent service quality assuring them end to end convenience. With our new range of selfie centric smartphones, we aim to be the part of top 5 smartphone brands in the affordable segment by the end of the year.”

‘It’s your time to shine’ with Mobiistar’s Selfie Focused Smartphones

There used to be a time when phones came with only one camera. The rear camera. Slowly but surely, we saw the advent of what is now known as the selfie camera. We are increasingly observing how this front camera has taken over every aspect of our life. From using it as a mirror to being self-reliant photographers, the selfie camera has now become a necessity.

But this has been limited to the one selfie camera that does not provide you with the best shot, has lesser power than the rear camera or just does not allow you to shoe the breadth of your experience.

Mobiistar C1

The new range of smartphones will empower users to capture super fine selfies and group selfies giving them opportunities to shine brighter. The X1 Dual is equipped with 13-megapixel and 8-megapixel dual selfie camera. The X1 Dual has a specialized 120-degree wide-angle 8-megapixel camera which captures a wider view, this allows even more people to enter the frame and be part of those precious memories. The phone also comes equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera.

The E1 Selfie smartphone on the other hand sports a 13-megapixel selfie camera and 13-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. The E1 Selfie produces exceptionally clear and bright images that are best in the segment. More details, contrast and colour ranges are captured, to reveal a brighter, clearer and more vibrant photo.

The C2 comes with an 8-megapixel selfie camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera for detailed selfies. Equipped with autofocus and LED flash, the device is definitely value for money at the range it has entered the market.

Sporting an 8-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera, the C1 is a specimen of India’s love for selfies. Available at a very tempting price point and equipped with a great camera, the C1 holds immense promise to shine.

Last but not the least, the C Lite come with a 5-megapixel selfie camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera creating a good balance between features and affordability.

‘It’s your time to shine’ with 7 Level Beauty Mode

Mobiistar C2 Blue

All 5 phones are equipped with an indispensable feature that is the result of studying hundreds of facial scenarios. With a 7-level face beauty mode and upgraded photo-processing algorithms, the beauty filter is optimized to capture selfie photos that can brighten and soften the skin, enlarge eyes and enhance the v-line of the face. It has been carefully designed to highlight beauty, but never at the expense of looking unnatural.

‘It’s your time to shine’ with great design and display

Emphasise on design – colours

Mobiistar E1 Selfie Black

All phones come with full view display and a 2.75D curved screen excepting the E1 selfie which comes with a 2.5D curved screen giving the phones a sleek look accompanied with durability. The appearance of one’s phone reveals a lot about their tastes and preferences, the new Mobiistar range comes in beautiful and fashionable designs and in a combination of blues, black and golds.

The X1 Dual comes with a 5.7 inches IPS and 720 x 1440 HD+ screen resolution. The E1 Selfie on the other hand has a 5.45-inch IPS and 720 x 1440 HD+ screen resolution. The C2, C1 and C Lite are all equipped with 5.34 inches IPS and 480 x 960 FWVGA+ screen resolution.

‘It’s your time to shine’ with Face Unlock and Battery

This new range is furnished with the face unlock feature excepting the C1 Lite. The X1 Dual comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, expandable storage up to 128GB. The E1 Selfie smartphone comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and again an expandable storage of up to 128 GB. The C1 and C2 come with 2GB RAM each and 16GB ROM with an expandable storage of 128GB. The C Lite comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM and expandable memory of 128GB.

For users to get more value, Mobiistar has equipped the X1 Dual, E1 Selfie, C1 and C2 smartphones with dual hybrid sim slots while the C Lite comes with a dual sim slot + a micro SD card slot. This will allow users to run both SIM cards and micro-SD card simultaneously.

On the battery front, all phones have a great battery life that lasts the entire day without having to be charged. While the X1 Dual, E1 Selfie, C1 and C2 have 3000 mAh battery, the C Lite comes with 2700 mAh.

Commitment to India

Mobbistar C1 Lite

Mobiistar is committed to the Indian market and understands that after sales service is one of the foremost concerns for consumers in India. Keeping this in mind, the company entered India with 1000 service outlets already in place so as to ensure that the consumers have a seamless experience with the brand right from the start. Taking its commitment to the Indian market notch higher, Mobiistar has taken its portfolio offline within a short span of two months.


Mobiistar, a Vietnamese smartphone brand was co-founded by Mr. Carl Ngo in 2009 with a promise to make users ‘Enjoy More’ by bringing uncompromised user experience. Mobiistar established itself as a leading brand in Vietnam and recently expanded to South-east Asia and GCC countries. The mission of Mobiistar is to expand the horizons of mobile technology adoption by providing affordable and uncompromised user experience to consumers.

Mobiistar plans to develop the smartphone segment in India by understanding the consumer need for a selfie smartphone and their desire to gain more enjoyment at great value. Mobiistar has invested efforts on mobile technology adoption and expanding selfie experience for India.