Lytte HarmoniQ

Lytte HarmoniQ


Design & Fit


Sound Profile


Battery Life


Build Quality





  • 3D Printed
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Immersive Sound
  • Excellent Call Quality


  • Only IPX4 Water resistant

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What`s Inside the Box of Lytte HarmoniQ

Lytte HarmoniQ Box Contents
  1. Lytte HarmoniQ
  2. Charging Case
  3. USB-C Cable
  4. Ear tips of S/M/L
  5. User Manual

Design, Fit & Build of the Lytte HarmoniQ

The Lytte HarmoniQ Truly wireless earphones, have a compact form factor, They do look similar to many tws earphones out there, but these earphones are 3D printed, which is unheard of in any of the earphones.

One thing that we liked the most while using these earphones was, how comfortable they are, you can wear them all day long and you won’t even feel them, in terms of fit, they fit perfectly in your ears and according to the brand they have scanned 1000s of ear shape patterns to find the right form factor for these earphones, which helps in sound waves traveling in a path for a better listening experience.

In terms of build quality, these earphones seem to be made up of good quality plastic and have a shiny look to it, the brand says that these earphones are polished by hand to get that premium glossy finish look, to its rear panel, the earphones have the brand logo and has touch controls, the charging case has a smooth plastic finish which makes it look attractive.

Lytte HarmoniQ Design

The size of the case is compact and can easily fit in your pockets, the charging case has a magnetic strip attached which helps in closing & opening the case with ease, to the rear there is a USB-C Port for Charing.

Each earphone weighs in 6 grams and they feel very light on ears. These are also IPX4 Resistance, which means you can use it in the gym or while exercising, but not near water, We would have liked it to have an IPX5 or IPX7 Water resistance, as they could have been even worn to beaches or swimming pools.

Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound Isolation

Lytte HarmoniQ Box

The Audio output via the Lytte HarmoniQ is bass-heavy, the sound output is loud & clear, although the sound balance is average, they are very good with lows [Bass] and average on mids and highs, These earphones would be great for listening to bass-heavy music like EDM, Rock and Dance music.

The microphone is good enough, The Audio while making and receiving calls was excellent, when you are in call mode/using the microphone these earphones activate the Qualcomm Clear voice technology, which helps in better cal experience with minimal; background noise.

In terms of sound isolation, these earphones do a great job. As these earphones have a snug fit into your ears, you get good isolation, plus given the fact that these earphones have noise cancellation via the Lytte HarmoniQ 3D Printed passive noise cancellation technology.

Operations & Battery Life on the Lytte HarmoniQ

Operating the earphones is very simple, you just need to remove both the earphones from the charging case and they will turn on automatically – the Left earphone will pair with the Right earphone, and the Right earphone will go into pairing mode, and you can connect the earphone with your phone.

The Touch controls on the earphones are simple, you just need to tap on the back of the earphones to perform certain operations like increasing the volume, play/pause music, accept the call, activating the voice assistants like Siri & Google voice assistant.

Using these earphones, We got around 4-5 hours of battery life while the volume levels were at 80 percent, and we think it is good enough, considering the fact that, one can get around 35 hours of playback time with the charging case.

The Earphones took somewhere between 45 mins-60 mins to get fully charged, and the case took around 1 hour 30 mins to get charged. The Earphone case hets charged via the USB-C Cable.

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Connectivity on the Lytte HarmoniQ

The Lytte HarmoniQ has a Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and you get a range of around 10ft (30 metres) which is good. The earphones get automatically paired when taken out of the charging case.

Lytte HarmoniQ Video Overview


Lytte HarmoniQ

The Lytte HarmoniQ is unique, and one in a kind truly wireless earphones that are 3D Printed & offers impressive sound and has an ergonomic fit. If you are an avid music listener or try new tech, you should check these earphones out.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from Lytte HarmoniQ Website