GT Racing Mechanical Keyboard box

GT Racing GT881 Keyboard & Mouse Pad


Build Quality


Gaming Experience


RGB Customization


Mousepad Quality





  • ABS Metal Build
  • Floating Key Design
  • Customizable RGB Lights
  • Large Size Mousepad
  • Anti-Slip Mousepad Base


  • Keyboard is bit on Heavier side

Why GT Racing Products

GT Racing offers PC hardware like mechanical keyboards, gaming mouse, headphones, gaming chairs, etc with the latest features, and still comes with a budget price tag, If you are getting started with gaming or even if you are a pro gamer & don’t want to spend a lot of gaming gear, one can check out GT Racing Gaming Products

We recently reviewed a gaming chair from GT Racing, the [GT-099 Red], and in our experience, it was very good, we liked the build quality and its budget price tag.

GT RACING GT881 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GT Racing Mechanical Keyboard

The GT RACING GT881 is a Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, that feels solid and is built well, it has a Metal ABC Construction and floating key design, which gives it a sturdy feel and, it also weighs a bit on the higher side, which is good for gaming, the keyboard does not move/slip while typing or gaming. It is a full 104 keys keyboard, that can be used for daily work and gaming.

The GT Racing GT881 Keyboard comes with an Opto-Mechanical Switch, which gives that tactile feedback while pressing the keys, and GT Racing says that the keys have a life span of 100 Million clicks, which is excellent, hence this keyboard can last you for years while giving the same mechanical keys feel and performance.

In terms of RGB lighting, the GT Racing GT881 has customizable Backlit keys, which has 21 LED lighting effects, 6 brightness modes, 5 levels of backlight breathing speed, and 8 fixed game lighting modes for quick management of the RGB lighting.

This Keyboard is compatible with all the systems , be it PC, Mac or gaming consoles like XBox, PS4,etc. The Floating key design of this keyboard gives it a good ergonomics design for gaming.

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GT Racing Black Mouse Pad

GT Racing Mousepad

This looks to be a very simple product, a mouse pad but is made with the gaming needs into perspective, it has a large usability area of 31.5×11.8×0.12 inch, this will fit easily in your table, as this has an Anti-slip rubber base, the mousepad provides a good grip for the keyboard-mouse.

The mouse pad is covered by a good quality cloth, which ensures the mouse can easily glide over it and you can enjoy your gaming session, in our opinion the mousepad can last for quite long even when used regularly.

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Our Experience with GT Racing GT881 Keyboard & Mouse Pad

In our opinion the GT Racing GT881 Mechaning gaming keyboard is a good quality keyboard that has a solid build, floating keys design that gives good gaming ergonomics along with the and customizable RGB lights, all these features make this good entry-level gaming keyboard or a backup keyboard to have.

The Mousepad is soft and holds the keyboard and mouse in the place, the rubber grip on the base make the mousepad stay at the place, even while doing heavy gaming, the soft cloth on the front helps in better mouse gliding.


The GT Racing GT881 Mechanical keyboard and the Mousepad are the two good quality products from GT Racing that you can buy if you getting started with gaming or have them as a secondary backup keyboard, just in case your high-end keyboard does not work.