EZCast Ultra Default Screen

EZCast Ultra 4K HDR Dongle


Build Quality




Streaming Quality


Video Processing



  • Good Build
  • 4K HDR DIsplay
  • EZCast App
  • Voice Control


  • Some Lag Using Camera

Why EZCast Ultra?

EZCast Ultra box

EZCast is a well-known name in the screen-casting world, their app has been used extensively in Asian Countries, they make various screen-casting solutions and products for the consumer as well as enterprises,.

EZCast Ultra is a Screen-casting / Screen-Sharing dongle, just like the Google Chromecast, but it offers a lot more than what a normal screen-cast dongle provides plus there is a full video streaming service built into the EZCast app that we can use with the EZCast Ultra to stream content.

What do you get with the EZCast Ultra?

EZCast Ultra
  • EZCast Ultra Dongle
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Key Features of the EZCast Ultra

EZCast Ultra Features

There are many amazing features of this screencasting dongle, some of which includes :

  • 4k HDR Display Support: This Dongle support casting onto a 4K HDR display and you get high-quality 4k resolution video streaming, you can also cast such 4K HDR videos from your smartphones too.

  • Voice Control: There is a Voice Control support available in this dongle, One can perform several tasks via this dongle by giving voice commands, This can be integrated voice control services such as Google Home, Amazon Echo for hands-free control. Screen-casting dongles generally don’t have such features, but EZCast ultra is different.

  • Multiple Standards: The EZCast Ultra supports multiple standards of screen mirroring from various operating systems such as Windows/Android/iOS/macOS/ ChromeOS, and native screen mirroring protocols such as Miracast, DLNA, iOS mirroring, and Chrome mirroring.

Mirror your Android Device using EZCast Ultra

Our Experience with the EZCast Ultra?

EZCast Ultra App

We used this dongle extensively for few weeks, and enjoyed the User experience and features this dongle offers, We Mirrored games, casted videos, took real-time notes, shared a screenshot, etc.

In terms of responsiveness, this dongle is definitely faster than many other casting sticks/dongles out there, although there were some lags here and there, mostly because of the connectivity, its best to be in the range of a good internet so that the casting/ screen mirroring can be lag-free.

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The EZCast App

EZCast Ultra App features

The EZCast App can be downloaded form the App store, and setup is quite easy, just sign up, login and connect your EZCast decive to the app and you are good to go, you can control all of your streaming and other feature with this app.

EZCast Ultra Settings

Here you can see this is the settings menu in the EZCast App, here you can, connect to a Wi-Fi Network, Set the display resolution, set your preferred language for the usage of this app, Set the password for the device, Choose a WiFi Channel for better streaming, Enable the EZAir Feature, Set wallpaper, Upgrade the device firmware, Enable Power Saving mode, etc.

EZCast Ultra Notes

You can also take screenshots while browsing the web or streaming any content and take notes, highlights things, etc, this feature is very useful if the device is used in education or office environments, you can edit the screenshot and share it over the internet.

EZCast Ultra Web Cam

This is the best feature that we liked, this works as a good mirror for us to maybe view small things on to a big screen in real-time or maybe you want to see how you look in that new dress, etc.

EZCast Ultra Scan

Anyone can start to stream on this device, just scan the or code or enter the user id password and they are good to go, this works great when you are hosting a party and your guests want to play their favorite music, videos, or maybe a family gettogether to stream family photos, etc.


EZCast Ultra Port

Overall this Casting device works very well and offers a lot of extra features that a normal casting stick doesn’t offer also, in our experience, we felt that it is sure better than google Chromecast in many aspects, be it maybe features or streaming capabilities.