Cowin SE7 Box

Cowin SE7 ANC Headphones


Build Quality




Noise Isolation


Battery Life





  • Good Sound
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Included Hard Case


  • Too Glossy

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What’s Inside the box?

Cowin SE7 Box Pack
  • Cowin SE7 Headphones
  • Hard Cover Case
  • Carry Pouch
  • Charging Cable
  • Aux Pin
  • Airline Adaptor
  • User Manual

Design & Fit of the Cowin SE7 ANC Headphones

Cowin SE7 Build

In terms of design and fit these headphones have a somewhat glossy look. but, We would have liked it have a normal black look, as sometimes it feels they are too glossy, they fit well onto your head and covers your full ears.

In terms of Comfort, the Cowin SE7 Headphones are very good, they have a Professional Protein Earpads that are plush and soft, Very rarely one would notice any discomfort, the Foldable design, makes it easier to carry around, these headphones are great for office work & multimedia usage.

These headphones are lightweight and hence they can be used for sports activities like jogging or while gymming, they have a thick headband, which ensures you get good head support.

Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound Isolation

The Sound output via the Cowin SE7 is good enough for day to day usages, they are loud and give good bass effect, they serve well as multimedia headphones. The Audio output via Bluetooth is better than most of the budget headphones, as this supports AptX Hi-Fi Technology, which gives amazing sound quality.

In terms of Noise cancellation, they are fair enough and get the job done, if you traveling in a flight or in a noisy environment, they tend to cancel out most of the common sounds and you get a clear sound.

The microphone is good enough for making calls, The Audio while making and receiving calls was loud. As these headphones cover your full ears, there is hardly any sound leak, so can be worry-free of someone listening to your calls.

Operations & Battery Life

Cowin SE7 Functions

Operating the earphones is very simple, to the right side of the earcup, we have all the controls, the power on/off button, volume button, and the noise cancellation switch.

The Cowin SE7 has an 800Mah Battery capacity, Using these earphones, We got around 25-27 hours of battery life while the volume levels were at 80 percent, which in our opinion is excellent, considering the fact that, it gets charged pretty quickly too.

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The Cowin SE7 has a Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and you get a range of around 10ft (30 meters) which is good. The headphones get automatically paired when you turn them on and Bluetooth is turned on your smartphone.

Design Demo Video


Cowin SE7 Case

The Cowin SE7 is a good daily use ANC Headphones for your office and multimedia usage, which has a budget price tag and also sounds good if you don’t want to spend a $250-$300 on ANC headphones, then this would be a good purchase.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from the Cowin Website.