Bluetti EP500 Pro

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Bluetti EP500 Pro – Highlights

Bluetti has unveiled their latest power station Bluetti EP500 Pro, This is a 5.1kWh home power station. The EP500 Pro has pulled over $1 million in the first hour at Kickstarter and is now rapidly approaching the $3M milestone that too in less than 3 weeks.

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Bluetti EP500 vs EP500 Pro

Model Bluetti EP500 Pro (US/JP)Bluetti EP500
Battery Capacity & Chemistry5120Wh, LiFePO45120Wh, LiFePO4
Continuous Peak Power3000W/6000W2000W/4800W
AC Outlets120V/20A outlets ×4, 120V/30A outlet ×1(NEMA L14-30)120V/20A outlets ×4
Solar Power Input2400W (1200W*2)1200W
30A ReceptacleNEMA L14-30 *1/
Smartphone remote\
24/7 UPS & Home Integration SupportYesYes
Fusion Box Specs120V/20A outlets ×4 120V/30A outlets×2(NEMA TT-30) 120A/240V 30A outlet×1(NEMA L14-30)120V/20A outlets ×6, 120V/240V 30A outlet ×1(NEMA L14-30)
12V/30A PortYesYes
USB-C Port100W *2, PD3.0100W *1, PD3.0

Bluetti EP500 Pro Battery & Ports

The Bluetti EP500 Pro features a unique NEMA L14-30 30A receptacle/Socket that provides up to 3000 watts of continuous power at 120V, which will cover almost all your home needs, For your latest digital gadgets, the EP500 Pro provides two 100W USB type-c ports that comply with PD 3.0 protocol. You can easily most of your digital gadgets without those bulky adapters.

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Bluetti EP500 Pro – New Accessories

Be it any product, the additional accessories that give the product, new use cases are always appreciated and here Bluetti has done that, they have introduced some super useful accessories, that will help you get the most out of your power station capabilities.

There are three new accessories that you can get with the EP500/Pro.

Bluetti Home Integration Kit (Subpanel)

Integrate One EP500 Pro Into Your Home Circuit

Integrate Two EP500 Pro Into Your Home Circuit

Bluetti has released their first integration kit for their flagship models (which totally makes sense since the EP500/Pro is positioned as a home power storage center). According to the information provided by Bluetti, users can wire their vital loads/receptacles to this “sub-panel” and when the power grid goes down, all these vital loads/receptacles will be immediately [in less than 20 ms] taken over by the EP500/Pro’s UPS system.

Fusion Box Pro (For the EP500 Pro)

We’ve seen the fusion box for EP500 earlier on BLUETTI’s campaign page which can connect two of these units and double the power, voltage, and capacity via split-phase. People have been wondering how BLUETTI would connect two 30A outlets on the Pro and produce 6000W of high output power.

Bluetti EP500 Pro fusion box

The Fusion Box Pro is equipped with an array of heavy-duty 30Amp/20Amp outlets including a 120V/240V 30A(Up to 6000W continuous power) receptacle like we’ve seen before on the Fusion Box, and two NEMA TT-30 (or is usually called the 30amp RV receptacle), This designation is made specifically for recreational vehicles and is perfect for the RV crowd.

PV Voltage Step-down modular

Bluetti EP500 Pro

The EP500 can accept Photo Voltaic input within the range of 45-135 Volts and a slightly wider range of 35-150 V for the pro. For people who already have a huge array of solar panels at home or on your rooftop, don’t worry just yet.

Bluetti PV voltage can step down your system voltage and will adjust the total input voltage of your array to make it usable with the EP500/Pro, This will save the cost of purchasing additional solar panels for those who have an existing solar grid!

Bluetti EP500 Availablity & Warranty

Bluetti EP500 Pro

According to Bluetti, the price during crowdfunding is often the lowest ever and it will rise to a relatively expensive daily retail price when the crowdfunding campaign ends. If your home needs such a product to cope with the unpredictable & frequent power outages, now is the best time to place your order.

They have promised to start shipping EP500 in June and EP500 Pro in August, Also they are offering an incentive to order now with the customer’s long wait, they will provide a 3-year warranty and lifetime tech support for EP500 & EP500 Pro for their crowdfunding backers. You can also opt for the extended additional one-year warranty for $399 or $699 for two, which makes the total warranty period 5 years.