Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum

Amarey A900


Design & Build




Battery Life & Charging



  • Long Running time
  • VSLAM Technology
  • Dedicated Remote Control
  • Voice Controls
  • Impressive Design


  • No Option to Restrict certain areas from cleaning

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Why do you need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner ?

With the advancement in Robotics and IoT (Internet of things), there are a plethora of smart gadgets, that are being launched in the market, especially the robotic vacuums, and these are quite common nowadays, here we have with the Amarey A900 Vacuum Cleaner with VSALM Navigation system, which enables the vacuum to work perfectly.

Unboxing the Amarey A900 Vacuum

The product comes safely packed in a cardboard box, which shows the image of the robotic vacuum & and some of the features are listed in the packaging.

Box Contents of the Vacuum cleaner

Amarey A900 Box Contents

There a lot of accessories that come with this robotic vacuum cleaner for our convenience, inside the box packaging you get the following

  • Amarey A900 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Remote Control
  • Brush Attachments
  • Charging Adapter
  • Charging Base
  • Battery

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Design & Build Quality

Amarey A900

This vacuum cleaner has a circular disc design, as many robotic vacuums out there. The Design on the top looks stylish and the blue led light on the power button gives it an appealing look, to the bottom we the roller brush and a pair of spinning edge brushes.

The Amarey A900 vacuum has a diameter of 2.7 inches and a height of 2.7 Inches, which helps in easy operation while vacuuming under low base furniture. We also do have a camera and other sensors to the top which helps in navigation and better vacuuming of the floor.

In terms of build quality, this is built very well and feels solid, We are really impressed by its build quality, considering its pricing, it easily matches the quality of some high-end robot vacuums.

Functionality of Amarey A900

The Amarey A900 has a plethora of features that one can take advantage of for better cleaning, It Packs up to 1,400Pa of suction power, which is good enough for cleaning any sort of dust or debris out of floors & carpets.

Navigation Sensors

Amarey A900 Sensors

The navigation sensor in this vacuum has a 145° Degree view and uses visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, which helps in effectively planning the cleaning path.

The Sensor-based mapping enables the Amarey A900 robotic vacuum cleaner to detect any difficult to reach spaces and clean more accurately without missing a spot.

This vacuum cleaner has a 360° sensor which offers great protection to the vacuum cleaner from falling downstairs and control its a movement to avoid any obstacles in the way vacuuming.

Cleaning Modes

There are three different cleaning modes, that adopt a triple filter system to make sure, there is no dirt that gets left out, One of the best features we liked about this vacuum is its operating noise levels, that is around 60 decibels, which is great considering some higher-end vacuums make more noise while vacuuming.

Remote Control

We can also control the Amarey A900 with the provided remote control, The below functions can be performed with the remote:

  • Auto Control
  • Powerful Suction
  • Spot Cleaning Mode
  • Edge Cleaning Mode
  • Auto Recharge
  • WiFi

Battery Life & Charging

The Amarey A900 has a built-in 2600Mah lithium-ion battery, that easily runs the vacuum for 100 minutes, given the suction force utilized, the higher the power it uses the lower the battery life.

With the App or remote control, you can send this vacuum to the charging dock when required.

Amarey Smartphone App

The Amarey Smartphone app helps in utilizing the smart features of this vacuum, such as scheduling cleaning sessions, Sending the vacuum to charging dock, etc.

Voice Controlled Operation

The Amarey A900 can be operated via voice controls,, you can set it up with your Alexa or Google assistant and give it instructions to perform the activities.

Demo Video of Amarey A900

In the video, you can see the smart features of the Amarey A900 Vacuum, as it tries to avoid the obstacles in its way few times & if that doesn’t work, it takes an alternative path for the cleaning.


The Amarey A900 is a smart vacuum cleaner that one should surely consider buying if they are on a budget and want a robot vacuum with smart features.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from Amarey Website.