ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W

ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W


Build Quality


Ease of Use


Smart Features


Battery Life


Power Output Options



  • Built Well
  • Easy to Carry
  • Lots of Output Ports
  • Smartphone App
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter


  • Display brightness is a bit low

What is special about the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station?

The ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power station has a powerful battery that can provide up to 2,000W of power output, just like a standard wall socket, so you can power most of your appliances easily, it packs in a 1700Wh Battery, there are ample ports on the power station, which is very useful during Family & RV trips, as we can power up to 11 gadgets at once.

Also, the Monster X 200W Power station is equipped with UPS. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. When the normal power gets interrupted, or there is a fluctuation outside the safe levels, the UPS will instantly provide the battery backup power and surge protection for plugged-in, sensitive equipment, hence your appliances/devices stay safe.

Unboxing Quick Overview – ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station.

What do you get with the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station.

ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W

The Unboxing experience is minimal, only the required items are given and there are no unnecessary paper booklets like promotion cards, stickers, etc, you get only get what is actually useful. The box package of this power station has only 3 items.

  • ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Portable Power Station
  • AC Wall Charger Cable
  • Warranty Card

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Build & Design of the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station.

This Power station is built quite well with the dimensions of 375×245×250mm [14.76×9.64×9.84in], this power station has many ports, we can charge up to 11 devices simultaneously, plus there are many options to charge this power station, below is the detailed list of all the ports.

Output Ports

  • 4 AC Output Continuous: 2000W Ports , Surged at 3300W
  • Car Output: 13V ~10A
  • TYPE-C Port 1( Left): 5V3A/9V3A/12V2.25A – (PD 27W Max.)
  • TYPE-C Port 2 (Right): 5V3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A/20V3A – (PD 2-Way 60W Max.)
  • 4 USB-A Ports:  [5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A] & [5V2.4A + 5V2.4A]

There is an LCD TFT Screen on the power station that is not very bright but yes we can see the energy stats, such as:

  • Current Input/Output Power
  • Battery Percentage
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Overload Hot/Cold Warning Symbol
  • Port Usage Indicators Symbols
  • Remote Control [Wireless Symbol]
  • Cooling Fan Symbol
ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Fan

To both sides, we have the cooling fan vents that help keep the power station cool even when opening at full capacity, one of the best things we liked was the minimal fan noise that this power station generates, hence this does not cause any disturbance too.

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Key Features of the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station.

  • This Power station works as an emergency backup battery for most of the electric vehicles, when the car battery power gets exhausted, with this power station recharging for an hour can give 15KM Range ( Given that the power station was fully charged)
  • The ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W power station is equipped with a 1500wh lithium-ion battery pack, that can charge upto 11 devices simultaneously, also this works on a PURE SINE WAVE Current (2000W, at peak 3300w).
  • The power station supports to get recharged by 3 outlets simultaneously and only needs 2.5 hours to fully charged! (DC5521 or Anderson+Type-c+AC wall outlet), and via AC Power supply it only needs 4 hours to get fully charged, and with the Solar panel [DC5521 or Anderson Port], it gets recharged under 6 hours and it takes upto 24 hours to fully get charged via the USB Type-C in right side.
  • This portable power station supports wireless connection via Bluetooth and with the ALLPOWERS APP (supports iOS 9.0 or above /Android 4.3 or above) you can monitor the performance and other usage metrics.

Battery Life & Charging on the Monster X 2000W Power Station.

We have a 1700Wh battery pack on this power station, which is reinforced by an aluminum alloy structure and protected by ABS+PC shed. You need not be concerned about the battery protection while carrying it around.

The AllPowers Monster X 2000W Power Station has got over a dozen international certificates and safety features, to ensure the reliability and endurance of the power station along with the battery protection features such as Short-Circuit Protection, Battery Overcharge Protection, Output Overcharge Protection, Harsh Temperature Protection, and so on.

With this portable power station, we can power many devices at once, and this proves to be very useful during road trips, Power Outages, etc, Some common usage examples are below.

  • Rice Cooker : Upto 2.5 hours
  • Electric Vehicle : 12-15 KMs [Given that Power station is fully charged]
  • Car Refrigerator : Upto 25 Hours
  • Induction Cooker: Upto 2.5 Hours
  • Electric Lamp : Upto 160 Hours [Around 7 Days]

The Monster X power station can be recharged in 3 modes: 200W DC, 400W AC, 200W solar input. Recharging through these three inputs at once the power station can be recharged to around 80% in around 1.5 hours, and to 100% in roughly 2 hours.

ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Solar Power

This also has two universal solar inputs which can meet the general standard of all solar installations in the market. Through solar recharging, this can be fully charged within 6 hours.

We also do have the MPPT Technology [Maximum power point tracking], this is a battery tracking technology,. It uses various algorithms to control the circuits so that we can get the maximum power from each cell module. Along with the MPPT Technology an intelligent BMS {Battery Management System] that protects your MONSTER X from power surges and overheating, monitoring and alerting you of any sharp changes in temperature.

Power Input of the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station.

AC Input: 400W(Max.100-240V)
DC Input:  200W(12-36V,7AMax.)
Solar Input:  200W(12-36V,7A Max.)
Working Temperature: -20〜45(℃)

Conclusion: Why should you consider buying this power station?

Overall the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Station becomes an essential power appliance to own, given the fact that this offer simultaneous charging of 11 devices have ample recharging options, and the portability of this power station, makes this a good buy, and if you own an RV or an electric car and travel long distances this proves to be very useful.