Zebronics ZEB-NC1000 Cooling Pad





  • Light weight
  • Less Noisy
  • Cheap


  • Average build

The Zebronics Laptop cooling Pad is the cheapest that i have seen online , its also Quite effective , in reducing the heat from your laptop , Its pretty cheap & Ergonomic and Light Weight , Easy to carry Around

Optimal Cooling, Noise-Free Set-Up

Go for hard-core gaming rounds and intense multitasking sessions on your notebook computer. The Zebronics ZEB-NC1000 Laptop Cooling Pad comes with a 180 mm cooling fan to prevent the internal overheating of your device by delivering cool air from the PC’s base.

Simultaneously, this Laptop Cooling Pad also ensures that no noise gets produced in the process letting you continue with your work in a quiet and peaceful environment. The Laptop Cooling Pad is an ideal choice to assure secure and cool PC operation during heavy workloads if you use a 10.2 to 15-inch notebook.


Convenient Installation, LED Indication

This ZEB-NC1000 Laptop Cooling Pad will not be difficult to manage. Encased in a plastic body, the equipment is durable and ready for mobile use.

The built of the Laptop Cooling Pad is also light weight allowing you to install it on your PC’s underside, comfortably. You can also be sitting on a chair, sofa or travelling around with your notebook lying on your laps as this Laptop Cooling Pad is convenient to handle on smooth, flat or uneven surfaces alike.

For keeping a careful check on its function, you can refer to the bright LEDs located on the exterior. Powered by any USB cable, you would not even have to fuss about looking for special adapters and charging cords

Zebronics ZEB-NC1000 Notebook Cooler

Featuring a durable and elegant design, this Zebronics notebook cooler is a convenient addition to your home and work space. It is fitted with an 180 millimetre cooling fan that enables you to work for long hours without worrying about system failure due to overheating.

Lightweight plastic housing promotes long-term durability and easy portability. The fan generates minimum noise and efficiently generates cool air supply reduces the heat generated from the internal parts of the system.

Bright LED lights further add to the appeal and functionality of this cooler.


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