Yahoo has just recently launched their Yahoo Mail Go app in June this year, which looks more like a ‘small in size, big in features’ package.


Optimized for the new Android Go devices, Yahoo Mail Go app has the same speed and reliability and is lighter on your data. This app comes as a blessing for users in Indian market, where a large population still uses basic phones.

My Experience

I’m already familiar with the app and using this App feels absolutely indistinguishable, letting you jump right in without missing a beat.

Advanced features like customizable swipes where I can delete, move or archive any mails/files with just a swish of my finger, saves me a lot of time in going back and forth in my inbox. While it may feel like a minor update, however, seeing this feature in a lighter version of the app as well, was a much happy feeling for me!

The app is totally user-friendly as well. You can easily customize the look and feel of the app with light and dark backgrounds and personalize it accordingly. I like to organize my mails in different folders and I was able to do so in Yahoo Mail Go as well.

It’s remarkable how Yahoo Mail is able to deliver the similar stunning features enjoyed by the current Android app users, while keeping the RAM usage on devices, below 50MB and the install size below 10MB.

In fact, the original Yahoo Mail Go app is already extremely lightweight and does not compromise on performance. In technical terms, the Go app uses the exact easy-to-navigate architecture as the standard Yahoo Mail app.


I can confidently say that Yahoo Mail Go is the app to go to, delivering the same first-class Yahoo Mail experience regardless of device, location, storage capacity, or network speeds.

Anyone with Android Oreo operating system can download the app from app store. Other Android Go apps that are available right now are Maps Go, YouTube Go, Google Go, Gmail Go, Files Go, and Assistant Go.