Branding, what comes to your mind ?

When you listen to the word “Branding”, what comes to your mind? It would most probably be Concept designs of the product packaging that goes into various iterations before coming to market and with a high budget marketing plan to promote the brand, Right? In this article, we share some tips on how to good branding.

How People relate products with a brand.

One can do branding in a creative way in less time with fewer iterations and get a good ROI out of the branding efforts. If you see Apple and Coca Cola branding assets [Logo, Colors, Style, etc] it is simple yet attention-seeking.

Considering how huge these brands are, they can have a huge marketing budget, but their branding is so amazing that their marketing efforts are always very successful whatever the budget associated with it.

This because of their amazing branding, people always relate to the brand in some or the other way. For Example: If someone asks us for a Soft Drink, Immediately we ask them if they want a Coca Cola, Similarly, many of us don’t use the word video calling, we use the word FaceTime, that’s where Apple branding shines.

How SMEs can think of their branding strategy.

For an SME, competing with global brands really isn’t an option in terms of budget, Human resources involved, Etc, Which obviously makes us think that an SME Simply can`t replicate the successful branding framework of a big brand that already has a huge fan base.

But SME can surely study their publically available resources on their branding framework and modify it according to their available resources and still can do amazing branding

Mistakes to avoid while branding your products

Try to make things Simple

Many new SMEs who work on advanced technologies overcomplicate branding and marketing, we all try to be the best of whatever we do, but while doing so we tend to think a lot and get confused. If you may have noticed, majority of Big businesses haven’t changed their logos or messages over the years to be consistent. As a result, audiences know what they’re about and how they can add value. Simplicity is essential as it will engage your audience and eliminate confusion.

Making Marketing/branding Assets Inaccessible

Companies depend on their branding and marketing teams to create and execute branding campaigns and to market the product but many times, they hold off some key data points like Constant Design templates, Content Guidelines which doesn’t help in, People connecting with the brand as they cant recollect a brand with different styles and designs. A brand needs to follow a constant design pattern, for the same organizations can use Brand management software [] to ensure consistency or have someone to QA the content and the designs on a regular basis.

Not Protecting your Organization’s Branding Assets

Generally, SMEs think that registering a trademark is an excess spend and is a tedious process, eventually, they tend to ignore it, as in the company grows and gets more attention, people start to relate with the brand and then when some other company registers the same brand name, logo, etc. The Small business tends to lose its market share and that’s not what any business wants, Registering a trademark is a straightforward process and every company should trademark their brand assets.

Not Promoting Enough

Once you have established a brand, you need to share the same with the world, by spreading the word about your products and services via various promotional methods, the best and effective way would be to try inbound marketing, When you do this, you’ll benefit from increased lead generation, web traffic, and sales. With the current Social media trend, almost everyone is active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Brands should use these tools actively to promote themselves.

Hey there, thanks for reading this article, Hope you find these tips helpful.

Thumbnail Credits : Photo by fauxels from Pexels