Prana Air Quality Monitor

We all live in a era where we are surrounded by a lot air pollution around us , especially in metro cities and we wish to move to places where we get fresh, good quality air.But how do i measure the air quality around me ? , to answer the same question we have a cool compact gadget, the Prana Air 2.5M Pocket Air quality monitor.

Prana Air is an e-commerce platform that was launched by Purelogic Labs India to ensure people get the best air quality for both indoors and outdoors.

Whats inside the Box

  • Prana Air 2.5M Pocket Air Quality Monitor
  • Product Usage Instruction Card
  • Micro usb Charging Cable

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Design & Usage

The Prana air 2.5M pocket air quality monitor is a simple cube shaped a compact gadget that fits right into your pocket, to the right side there is a micro usb charging slot followed by the power on/off button, it takes around 30 mins to get fully charged.

It is a smart portable device that monitors ambient dust particles & gives us the the air quality metrics with its details which ranges from 0 – 2000 µg/m3. Below is the detailed Index of the quality of air.

  • (0 – 30) – Good
  • (31 – 60) – Satisfactory
  • (61 – 90) – Moderately Polluted
  • (91 – 120) – Poor
  • (121 – 250) – Very Poor
  • (250+) – Severe

Internal Structure of Prana Air 2.5M Pocket Air Quality Monitor

This compact product is capable of detecting real-time air quality, which is shown in the 1.3 inch LCD display upfront, with a 400 Mah Battery capacity it would last you upto 4 hours. It is said that the accuracy of the low-cost PM 2.5 monitor is the same as the dust-track monitor which is a high-end, expensive device that is used worldwide to monitor air quality.


With such a compact  form factor its a nifty gadget to own and a very good product to gift someone , let breathe better air .