PowerExtra Gaming Headset

Powerextra Gaming Headset




Build Quality




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  • Excellent Design
  • Good Base Heavy Sound
  • Microphone Works Well
  • LED Lights looks Trendy.
  • Supports all Gaming Devices

Why do you need a Gaming Headset?

Many of us do gaming on our Computers, Gaming Consoles and smartphones too, and while gaming we need to have good headphone, that produces good bass effect as well as surround sound, so that we can enjoy our gaming sessions, there are many gaming headsets in the market, but only a few offer good experience at low cost, one such gaming headphone is the Powerextra Gaming Headset.

What do you get with the Powerextra Gaming Headset?

  • Powerextra Gaming Headset
  • USB Audio Cable
  • 3.5MM Audio/Microphone Splitter Cable

Key features of the Powerextra Gaming Headset.

The Powerextra Gaming headphones come with many features, some of the key features of this gaming headphone is as follows.

Colorful RGB lighting Effect

Colorful RGB light

Everyone one loves RBG lights, and hence Powerextra has put in the same on these headphones RGB lights makes your gaming sessions even better, The light is triggered on either side of the ear pads to suit your rig, gear, and style, also please note that the USB connector is for RGB light, and hence it has to be connected.

High quality copper cable

 Adjustable microphone

Good Sound output needs high quality materials, the use of high quality copper cable in this headphones helps to reduce transmission delays and distortion. The inclusion of the adjustable microphone allows you to record your voice clearly and accurately. And you can adjust the microphone angle to your liking for the most comfortable and clear sound possible, thus you can enjoy multilayer strategy gaming.

Comfortable & Breathable Ear pads

Breathable ear pads

Many of have long gaming sessions and its always better to have good ear pads, so that the heat is dissipated easily and we can there is no discomfort, The ear pads on the Powerextra Gaming Headphones are made of skin-friendly leather material and have a super-soft over-ear pads that are comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Noise-Canceling Microphone

While playing multiplayer games, high quality sensitive microphone always helps, it is even better if the microphone has a unidirectional noise reduction technology, which effectively reduce background noise, collect your voice clearly, also with the the mute button you can turn the microphone on and off at any time. You can precisely control the volume by turning the wheel.

Surround stereo sound

realistic sound

The Stereo sound on the Powerextra Gaming Headphones, Create an immersive gaming experience with stereo surround sound in the game, With the highly responsive audio drivers, you can be better at determining the direction the sound is coming from, like gunfire, the steps of enemy footsteps, and scenario indicators hence making the gaming play more enjoyable.

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How to Setup the Powerextra Gaming Headset?

PowerExtra Gaming Headset


The Inclusion of the additional 1-to-2 connection cable can be used to connect to the PC/Laptop, Also do plug the 1 to 2-3.5mm splitter cable into the audio-in and microphone-in ports to the PC/Laptop Ports.

Sony PlayStation 4 [PS4]

  1. Plug the 3.5 mm plug cable into the controller.
  2. Long press the PS4 button and go to system preference.
  3. Go to “PERIPHERAL MACHINE”, “ADJUST SOUND AND DEVICES” and change “Output to the headphones” to “All Audio”.

[Xbox one]

The gaming headset with microphone can be used directly if your XBOX One controller has a 3.5 mm audio interface. Otherwise “MICROSOFT ADAPTER” is required. (Which is included in the headphone box package)


PowerExtra Gaming Headset

Overall the Powerextra Gaming headphones offers a lot of features, considering its budget pricing once should get this as a secondary pair if have one or if you just getting started with gaming this would be a good option to start with, also this makes a good gift for anyone who loves gaming, as this headphone can be used with all the gaming devices.