Massive security flaw in the Intel Chips – Here is a quick point wise details of what , why & when this happened !

  1. This security flaw can’t be overlooked, Most of the population uses an intel based computer and there is a serious Flaw in that

  2. This is a Kernel memory leak 

  3. This is due to a design flaw in the modern Intel processors

  4. It could allow malicious programs to read protected areas of a device’s kernel memory (memory dedicated to the most essential core components of an operating system and their interactions with system hardware)

  5. This flaw could potentially expose protected information like passwords. Since the error is baked into the Intel x86-64 hardware, it requires an OS-level overwrite to patch—on every major operating system, including Windows, Linux, and macOS

  6. Currently the Exact details are not disclosed , but there is Patch to it

  7. The Patch has been shared with the Operating System vendors and they are gearing upto to patch the PC`s

  8. Its estimated that after the patch there can be around 5 to 30 % of Performance drop in the Processing power


Hope – Windows OS , MAC OS ,  Linux –  Might be rolling out the patch fix soon !