For the past twenty days that I’ve been using the LYCOS Life fitness band, I have found it to be awesome. I have observed some accurate Tracking results, Good comfort and Great battery life

This band has NFC capabilities and has many Internet of things features that will be added in future – With more and more IoT devices coming in we need proper security for it and a great add on functionality – which Lycos Fitness Band provides us

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My Experience with the band was Excellent


I have previously used other fitness bands like, Fitbit Charge, Jawbone UP & Misfit flash; I mostly used the Fitbit Charge primarily. With regards to the Lycos band , there were few features that I hope Lycos Life could have included like  (Lifting Hand or turning the Wrist to see the time ,  Screen Brightness under Direct sunlight )

But when i contacted the Lycos Guys and they were happy to listen to consumers feedback and said these missing features will be added soon via OTA Firmware Updates, and also there are many features that will be included which are related to Internet Of things in future

Internet of Things (IoT) is the Future and anything and everything will be controlled and managed via the Internet, and NFC and Security play a very important role in IoT, hence we can assume that this band is Future Proof

After using this band for now almost 20 days now, I have observed few useful features about this band that others lack in this price segment of Rs.6000


Password Manager – I used it for multiple app logins with ease

 NFC Phone Unlocking

Transfer data via NFC Tags

In my opinion, this is a great gadget for young teens, who can be motivated to stay fit and monitor their daily fitness and Sleep data. The NFC tags on the band are interesting as this is novel in concept and not found in other trackers I’ve used.  A great Diwali , Christmas or festival gift to begin the New Year ahead.


Detailed Overview of the Features of Lycos Band

Fitness Tracking

The design of the LYCOS LIFE Smartband is Comfortable on the wrist, it has an OLED display It has a built in Pedometer, to track the number of steps you travel, distance covered and calories burned Heart rate sensor, to monitor your heart rate and the BPM The Activity Tracker Wristband helps you take charge of your sleep schedule, ensuring you a better tomorrow.


Notifications help keep YOU in control at all times! Notifications include: Caller id/Skype/Whatsapp alerts that give you additional control on your digital interactions, helping you keep your perspectives in sync with your priorities. The activity tracker Smartband has Alarm features that help you set up to five regular alarms to alert you with quiet vibrations silently.An Activity Alarm feature which helps you customize ‘idle time’ reminders, ensuring you remain active and healthy

Password/Security Manager

An additional level of security can be added to your mobile device using your Smart Band interaction to unlock your device.With LYCOS LIFE’s Password Manager, you can store and access information related to multiple accounts under one secure password.Some of the features include:

  • A one stop center to store all passwords securely
  • An option to use LYCOS LIFE keyboard and accessibility options
  • Ability to store unto ten security records

Tap2Transfer using NFC

LYCOS LIFE Smartband uses NFC technology to share information with multiple NFC enabled devices. With a simple tap from your SMART Band/NFC Ring to an NFC enabled phone, you can transfer/share with your friend, a contact number, an email address, a URL or a business card.

Final Verdict : For Rs.6000 , This is the best smart fitness Band that you can get in the Market today

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