Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth Earphones





  • Rich bass
  • Clear Vocals
  • Good Build
  • One touch access to Voice Assistant


  • Average Noise Cancellation

Are you looking out for the Ultimate pair of Earphones , Which is Loud and offers Crisp Audio experience , Here we have Something For You

Here We have with us the Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth Earphones  , They are the only earphone , that you will need for that Crisp Sound Experience

Box Contents of Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth Earphones 

  • Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth Earphones
  • Silicone ear tips of various sizes & Shapes
  • A Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Get Started – Product Manual


The Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth Earphones is lightweight and has a solid Build , It has a Flexible memory wire neckband that remembers its shape and contours to your neck.

The earbud design holds the large 12.4 mm drivers. The oval EarGels offer good comfort  but you need to fit carefully to ensure noise isolation. You need to fit it tightly in your ear to get proper noise cancellation . The jabra Elite 45e Earphones is also IP54 water resistant .

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Operations & Battery Life 

The Jabra Elite 45e Bluetooth earphones does not have active noise cancelling Although it has Ambient noise reduction , which is Fair enough . Battery life is Almost 8 hours, and a full charge takes 2 hours , which is Pretty good in terms of Bluetooth earphones .

Jabra Sound + App

This Earphones works with the Jabra Sound+ smartphone app, where you can personalize the Equalizer Settings , turn on soundscape – background sounds like ocean waves or rain  You can update the Earphone Firmware, tinker with Settings , Etc

Audio Quality

The Sound Quality of the Jabra Elite 45e is Clear & Loud in our Opinion , We also Notuced the sound balance of the 45e is good because it offers good bass with clear Vocals , And if in case you want to increase / decrease treble , bass , etc . It can be done via the Jabra Sound + App.


The Jabra Elite 45e offers rich bass , Clear vocals and good volume , With this earphone the Voice command is made simple, one touch access to Alexa, Siri and Google now. Overall its a good pair of Bluetooth earphones that one must consider buying .