Huawei band 6

Huawei Band 6


Build & Design






Battery Life


Health Monitoring



  • Stellar Battery Life
  • Bright Touch Screen
  • All-day SpO2 monitoring
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Non removable straps

What is special about the Huawei Band 6?

Many of us own smart devices nowadays and one of the most common one is a Smart watch/band, as they are compact, last longer than a smart watch and needs minimal maintenance, and even better is when a smart band offers features that of a smart watch, here is where the Huawei band 6 comes in.

Build and Design of the Huawei Band 6.

We used the Huawei band 6 for close to 4+months before posting this review, and we would like to highlight this point that, this band is build to last, its very comfortable to wear, and even after daily wear and tear, the watch does not have any cosmetic issues also the screen held up quite well, even after using it somewhat roughly, we would have loved to see removable/ replaceable straps.

Key Features of the Huawei Band 6

The software on this smartwatch is quite good, as it is optimised well, scrolling through the User interface is smooth and every function works as its intended to, for many such smart features to work perfectly, the watch should always be connected to bluetooth.

In the above image, you can see the quick menu, like we have it in smartphone, just swipe down from the top of the screen to get this menu and toggle the most frequently used functions like, [Alarm, Vibration Mode, Do not disturb, etc].

Swiping to the left we have the Music mode, you can control music via this function, very useful when one is exercising and does not want to take the phone put to change tracks.

Swiping from the bottom, shows up the recent notifications that we get on our smartphone, we can select and display which notification we want from the app.

We have a detailed setting menu, through which we can control the basic functionality of the watch, such as sound, brightness, vibration sensitivity, etc.

The Health Monitoring features on the app stood our for us, as nowdays its quite vital for anyone to monitor their health status.

This is the SPO2 [Blood Oxygen] Monitoring, which works mostly accurately, we compared the results with an Oxymeter.

We can also measure our Stress levels, although this feature is not very accurate but yes, it does work somewhat fine, as it measures the stress with the help of other metric algorithms.

This is the exercise menu, that has all the features that one would require when working out, such as breathing exercises when resting, setting up music.

The Breathing Exercise works very well, as it instructs us on how to breathe properly, and in our experience after this exercise, we felt really well, one should definitely try this feature out.

Enabling this feature will auto detect your workout, so that you dont have to manually select the workout mode everytime.

A very common feature on the most of the Fitness bands, the all day Heart Beats Per Minute measurement.

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Battery Life on the Huawei Band 6

We are really impressed by the battery life this smart band offers, with an active usage, we got more than 8 days of battery life, which is stellar in our opinion, also this charges pretty quickly too.

Huawei Fit – Smartphone App Features

The Huawei Fit App gives us a comprehensive overview of our health and Activity Tracking, the data is neatky showcased and offers some great insights.

The Sleep Tracking on this watch is quite useful, one need to have a good night sleep and this helps us in monitoring the same, so that we can make the necessary lifestyle changes to get better sleep.

This is the Health Monitoring Section in the app, that allow us to toggle the settings as per our preference.

We really liked the Exercise Courses that is included and showcased in the app, so this is an all in one health/exercise monitoring app which offers a comprehensive set of super useful features.


Overall we feel that this is really good buy, as its worth every penny, the Huawei Band 6 is priced well, offers very useful features and also looks stylish. This also makes up to to be an excellent gift for anyone, who is interested in having an active lifestyle.