Hathway broadband 300 Mbps Plan





  • Amazing Speeds in LAN
  • Bundled Mesh WiFi Router
  • Nominal Plan Charges
  • Router has built in Antivirus
  • Free Sun Nxt Subscription


  • Speed Fluctuation in WiFi
  • Slow Customer Service

So , Recently Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan was launched in Chennai , So we thought of to give it a try and review the same !

We Were already using Hathway Broadband for last few months and was on their 150 Mbps Plan and was pretty happy with the Speeds and its Up-Time . But now we have migrated to their 300 Mbps plan , So here goes my Experience of the Same .

Previously i have used few broadband Services and was not Much Satisfied with the experience  , I have used the below ISP`s Internet services and My experience was !

  • Airtel broadband (Gives Slow Speed & Limited Data But Pretty Stable) 
  • Reliance Broadband (Unlimited but Low speed and Frequent Disconnection)
  • BSNL Broadband (Very Limited data and Slow speed But Very Reliable)
  • Tata DoCoMo Broadband (The Worst ever , Slow speeds , frequent disconnection and Poor Customer service)
  • Cherrinet Broadband : (Great Customer Service , False Social media Promotions , and a bit costly plans . )

Hathway Broadband Chennai Plans

My experience !

Installation Experience – ( 150Mbps Plan )

The installation process was Slow in my Opinion , i booked the Connection via Hathway Agent , Who Came next Day and Picked up my documents and we had to pay the 1st Month Advanced Rental Money , which was of my plan amount for 150 Mbps that was Rs.999 + Rs.400 Installation amount (Exclusive of Taxes) .

The installation was done within next 5 days ! The Activation team took more than 36 hrs to activate my broadband after wiring and Modem was set-up !

Experience with Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan Installation 

For the Installation of The Hathway 300 Mbps Broadband plan , The Technicians came in ,  Took the Old Modem , Set-up the New modem and the Deco Routers and Configured the Static IP and thats it , The Connection was Activated immediately this time , You also get a year Sun Nxt App subscription for free ,which is amazing.

Speeds ( 300 Mbps Plan )

The Above Screenshot is taken at the Launch event of the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan in Chennai. And the we were connected to One Deco unit .

The Speeds in Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps is Pretty good when Connected with LAN  , you get more than 300 Mbps Speeds . As when you get the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan you get a bundled TP-Link M5 Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Router when opting for of 6 & 12 months Plan.

But When you are on Wi-Fi Connection Speeds tends to fluctuate ! Check out the Below Screenshots of Speed Tests on Wi-Fi Connection .

So , My house has 2 floors , and i have kept my 2 deco units at ground floor where the connection is given and 1 in First Floor ! The RJ45 Lan from the Modem is Connected to the Main Deco , And rest are just Plug and Use type.

Recommend you to Read the TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review to know more about how to configure the router with Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Connection and see Some of its Highly useful Features !

Speeds in Main Deco Room

Speeds in 2nd Deco Room 

Speeds in 3rd Deco Room ( 1st Floor )

Connection Quality

There were Few Down times in my last 4 months of usage of the 150 Mbps Plan and a Month usage of 300 Mbps Plan , Which was restored mostly within few Hours , But mostly the Internet was connected 24/7 as this is based on the FTTH technology . The Connection quality Is pretty Good , The ping was also somewhere between 6-7 Ms in the Speed test Most of the times .

Speedtest Video Over Wi-Fi 

Customer Service

The Only Thing i am not satisfied is with the Customer Care , They are Slow in responding to queries and Many times they are not aware of the actual technical issue .


If You want a High Speed Broadband in a Budget Price and dont mind Slow Customer Service , You can Get the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps !

Overall i am happy with the Broadband connection because with my old router i was getting hardly 10-15 Mbps in my 1st floor but with this new 300 Mbps plan and Mesh Wi-Fi Setup i am getting around 40-50 Mbps Speeds .


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