Hathway broadband 300 Mbps Plan





  • Amazing Speeds in LAN
  • Bundled Mesh WiFi Router
  • Nominal Plan Charges
  • Router has built in Antivirus
  • Free Sun Nxt Subscription


  • Speed Fluctuation in WiFi
  • Slow Customer Service

So, Recently Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan was launched in Chennai, So we thought of to give it a try and review the same!

We Were already using Hathway Broadband for last few months and was on their 150 Mbps Plan and was pretty happy with the Speeds and its Up-Time. But now we have migrated to their 300 Mbps plan, So here goes my Experience of the Same.

Previously I have used a few broadband Services and was not Much Satisfied with the experience, I have used the below ISP`s Internet services and My experience was!

  • Airtel broadband (Gives \Slow Speed & Limited Data But Pretty Stable) 
  • Reliance Broadband (Unlimited but Low speed and Frequent Disconnection)
  • BSNL Broadband (Very Limited data and Slow speed But Very Reliable)
  • Tata DoCoMo Broadband (Slow speeds, frequent disconnection, and Poor Customer service)
  • Cherriet Broadband : (Great Customer Service, Stable Connection, False Social Media Promotions, and a bit costly plans . )

Hathway Broadband Chennai Plans

My Experience!

Installation Experience – ( 150Mbps Plan )

The installation process was Slow in my Opinion, I booked the Connection via Hathway Agent, Who Came next Day and Picked up my documents and we had to pay the 1st Month Advanced Rental Money, which was of my plan amount for 150 Mbps that was Rs.999 + Rs.400 Installation amount (Exclusive of Taxes).

The installation was done within the next 5 days! The Activation team took more than 36 hrs to activate my broadband after wiring and Modem was set-up!

Experience with Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan Installation 

For the Installation of The Hathway 300 Mbps Broadband plan, The Technicians came in, Took the Old Modem, Set-up the New modem and the Deco Routers and Configured the Static IP and that`s it, The Connection was Activated immediately this time , You also get a year Sun Nxt App subscription for free , which is amazing.

Speeds ( 300 Mbps Plan )

The Above Screenshot is taken at the Launch Event of the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan in Chennai. And we were connected to One Deco unit.

The Speeds in Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps is Pretty good when Connected with LAN, you get more than 300 Mbps Speeds. As when you get the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Plan you get a bundled TP-Link M5 Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Router when opting for of 6 & 12 months Plan.

But When you are on Wi-Fi Connection Speeds tends to fluctuate! Check out the Below Screenshots of Speed Tests on Wi-Fi Connection.

So, my house has 2 floors, and I have kept my 2 deco units on the ground floor where the connection is given and 1 on the First Floor, The RJ45 Lan from the Modem is Connected to the Main Deco, And rest are just Plug and Use type.

Recommend you to Read the TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi Router Review to know more about how to configure the router with Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps Connection and see Some of its Highly useful Features!

Speeds in Main Deco Room

Speeds in 2nd Deco Room 

Speeds in 3rd Deco Room ( 1st Floor )

Connection Quality

There were Few Downtimes in my last 4 months of usage of the 150 Mbps Plan and a Month usage of 300 Mbps Plan, Which was restored mostly within few Hours, But mostly the Internet was connected 24/7 as this is based on the FTTH technology. The Connection quality Is pretty Good, The ping was also somewhere between 6-7 Ms in the Speed test Most of the times.

Speedtest Video Over Wi-Fi 

Customer Service

The Only Thing i am not satisfied is with the Customer Care , They are Slow in responding to queries and Many times they are not aware of the actual technical issue .


If you want a High-Speed Broadband in a Budget Price and don’t mind Slow Customer Service, You can Get the Hathway Broadband 300 Mbps!

Overall I am happy with the Broadband connection because with my old router I was getting hardly 10-15 Mbps in my 1st floor but with this new 300 Mbps plan and Mesh Wi-Fi Setup I am getting around 40-50 Mbps Speeds.