Eufycam 2 box

EufyCam 2 Security Camera


Build & Design


Battery Life


Smart Features


Ease of Use



  • 365 Days of Battery Life
  • AI Motion Detection
  • 256-Bit Encrypted Connection
  • 1080P High Quality Video Output
  • Almost No Maintenance


  • Cost is a bit on higher side

Why EufyCam 2?

Many of us use Security cameras, be it for our homes, offices, or anywhere else. But are these cameras smart? Do they keep your video recordings safe? Are they waterproof? Do you have to pay a monthly fee? Let’s find out.

Here we have with the EufyCam 2, a smart security camera that can be used for 365 days on a single charge, has no monthly fees, and offers some amazing smart features.

What’s inside the Eufy 2 Cam Box Pack

Eufy cam 2 box pack

We got the EufyCam 2 three-pack bundle, which has the following items inside the box pack.

  • 3 Pieces: EufyCam 2 Security Cameras
  • 1 HomeBase
  • Camera Mounts
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • User Manual

EufyCam2 : Setup & Installation

Eufycam 2 Accessories

Setting up the EufyCam 2 is quite straightforward, you need to charge your cameras until the battery is full, fix the mounts with the help of provides screws, and place the EufyCam 2 security cameras in the mounts.

Connect the Homebase with the provided ethernet cable, to your internet port, download the EufyCam app in your smartphone, and configure the settings.

Build & Design of EufyCam2

Eufycam 2 cameras

These Cameras have a rectangular cylindrical shape and have a long-form factor, they also feel lightweight, given the fact that these cameras carry batteries.

The eufyCam2 also has an IP67 Weatherproof rating, which means this would work well in every weather condition be it rains, snow, or summer.

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Features of EufyCam2 Security Camera

Eufycam 2 features

The EufyCam 2 has some smart features that make its stand our of many other security cameras, such as AI image recognition, HomeKit Compatible, Encrypted Data storage, Huam detection technology, etc.

Some of the key features of this camera are as follows

Real-Time Response with people you see on camera

When someone is at the door, you can easily have a two-way conversation with the person and see them, this will ensure better security & you just need to open the door when required.

Smart Integration with Voice assistant for Voice Functions

You can integrate your EufyCam 2 with Alexa, Apple HomeKit & Google home, to get security updates via your voice commands, Just ask your voice assistant to show whos at the door or broadcast a message at the door and the security camera will do it.

One Charge enough for 365 Days

With just one charge the EufyCam 2 works for 365 days 😎 , which is amazing, as there is no maintenance, and you can be worry-free about the frequent charging required for security cameras, as this works all year long with just one full charge.

HomeBase as a WiFi Repeater

The EufyCam2 Homebase also works as a WiFi Repeater, as it extends your existing wifi coverage so that the cameras are able to receive the wifi signals and they work perfectly.

Artificial Intelligence: Smart Image Enhancement for EufyCam 2

The EufyCam2 has an AI algorithm build into its software, that enhances the image quality and the video footage, to get a clearer and high-quality image, so that you don’t miss out on the key details.

Reduce False Alerts with the Human Detection technology

Many smart Security cameras have motion detection sensors, that detect any moving objects in the frame and give false alerts, which ultimately wastes our time in checking the alert, and we may miss a genuine alert due to the repeated false alerts.

But with the EufyCam2, this is not the case, as it comes with a Human detection technology that differentiates humans from other objects and rarely gives any false alerts, hence you can act upon important alerts.

Activity Zones & Instant Alerts on Mobile App

You can also set a particular activity zones/area which you feel is important and just get alerts for the same so that you spend your time only on important alerts.

You would get an alert instantly, as in when abnormal or suspicious activity is detected on the camera, all thanks to the good software and motion detection sensors on these cameras.

Military-Grade Encryption for the Stored Data

This is by far the best feature of this camera, the raw images and video data can be stored in the 16GB memory, which can last up to 3 months and the footage data is can be viewed over 256- Bit encrypted Connection, which means only you can see the footage on your smartphone via the app.

Demo Video of EufyCam 2 Camera

The EufyCam2 gives 1080P Full HD video, which helps you in seeing the details of a video clearly, in the live stream or in the recorded footage, This camera has a night vision Sony camera sensor, which helps in getting better quality videos and clear images even in low lighting conditions, such as in the evenings or at night.


The EufyCam2 is a battery-powered security camera, that offers a lot of smart features with long battery life, if you are looking out to buy a security camera for your homes, offices, etc, you should surely consider checking this out.

Although the Security camera is priced a bit higher than the available cameras in the market, but as this offers some smart features and almost no maintenance, this is a worthy buy.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from Anker Eufy Website.