Dell Vostro 3578





  • Robust Build
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • MacAfee Antivirus Subscription
  • Supports Dual Band WiFi
  • Excellent Pricing


  • Slow 5400 RPM Drive

Are you looking to buy a Budget laptop that is powerful and offers lot of features ? Look No where here we bring you the review of Dell Vostro 3578 Laptop !

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The Dell Vostro 3578 Laptop has a Plastic build which is solid and feels sturdy , It weighs in at 2.18 KGs , the laptop also houses a CD/DVD Writer , considering the price of the laptop , this laptop almost has all the features of a high end laptop .

I/O Ports

In the Connectivity Department we have 2 USB 3.0 Ports , HDMI Port , USB Type C port , A USB 2.0 Port , Kegniston Lock , SD card slot , , RJ54 Port and a 3.5MM Hedphone jack .


The Dell Vostro 3578 Laptop has a Full HD (1080 * 1920 ) Pixels Resolution Display Panel which is good enough , the screen is easily visible from different angles , For the Price this laptop comes in many laptops dont have a FULL HD Screen . The Screen gets adequately Bright and is usable in Daylight Conditions .

Keyboard , Trackpad & FInger Print Scanner 

This laptop had a Full Keyboard  , Its spacious and with separate number pad and is easy to type on and gave a good feedback . Same Goes with the Trackpad , its big and made pretty well , it also houses a Finger print Scanner which was fast and accurate for the most times .


The Laptop comes Pre Loaded with Windows 10 Home and MS Office Home and Student 2016 . Which is great considering the price of the Laptop .

The Dell Vostro 3578 also comes with 15 Months of MacAfee Antivirus Subscription , So you can be rest assured of Virus Protection .

Dell Vostro 3578 Benchmark 


We ran the Passmark benchmark on this laptop and got a Score of 2511.5 , which is considered to be good enough in our opinion .


The laptop can play 4K videos easily without any buffering or slowdowns in the performance most of the times .

The Dell Vostro 3578 Comes with a 5400 RPM 1TB Hard drive , which at times feels slows , even when doing a normal task the Disk Usage goes upto 100 Percent making the overall performance Slow and the Laptops starts to lag .

This Laptop has a WiFi AC , Which is great because most of the laptops in this price range only have 801.11 b/g/n ( 2.4Ghz WiFI Support) , But this laptop supports Dual band WiFi which means both 2.4Ghz & 5 Ghz WiFi is supported and 5Ghz WiFi gives fast Wireless internet Speeds.

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Unboxing & Hands on Review 


This Laptop has a Intel Core i5-8250U CPU which is 8th Generation CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an AMD Radeon GPU with 2GB of dedicated memory , and a 5400 RPM 1TB hard drive.

Battery Life

We get around 2-3 Hours of battery life on this Laptop with (continuous web Browsing over Wi-Fi),and occasional video streaming and some music streaming .


As it has a Plastic built it does not  heats up much  , but it heats up a bit when gaming and doing heavy tasks such as video rendering , editing,etc – But also cools down quickly .

My experience 

Over all i am Happy with my purchase of the the Dell Vostro 3578 Laptop , it would be great laptop for people looking for a Budget laptop which offers great performance & Features .

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