Do you really want to make money online by blogging ?


Do you have a blog or want to start a blog? If your answer is yes then read this post. I hope you will get answers for all questions regarding how to earn money with blogging. Now, more and more people are finding that blogging is the best way of earning money online. About tens of thousands of bloggers are making money with blogging either a few extra dollar for their treat or enough money to live freely without any tension and resting at home.

Now, I am going to share known but best ways of earning money online. But, remember it that every blog is not suitable for ways. Some blogs will not earn a penny; on the other hand other blogs will earn a lot with same technique. The key is to experiment which is most suitable for your blog.

Ways of Making Money with Blogging.


 Advertising on Blog

This is likely the most common and famous means of monetizing a blog to generate income. If your blog receive a good amount of traffic then it will be easily get approved by any advertising networks. Or you can also sell ad space on your blog. In direct selling, advertisers will contact you and I think you can take a high price.


Affiliate program

Here is the second most common way of making money by blogging. Affiliate programs enable you to earn commission on helping a seller to sell his products. Either it can be digital or shipping products or e-books. You have to put a link on your blog describing something about products. That’s easy but remembers your blog should have either enough readers or enough traffic.


Selling E-Books

When you blog, you are providing a great information to your readers. Why aren’t you writing a e-book on a particular topic and selling it on your blog. If you have a good amount of active readers then you can make a lot of money from this idea. Other thing, you can give your e-book free in return of email subscription. In this way, you will make a huge list of subscribers instead of money.


Selling Services on Your Blog

If you are expert in writing then you can offer for content to your customers. You have to only create a service page. A service page is page (not a post) which has interface like shopping sites and where you sell what you develop. If you are a programmer, you can sell your own made software on your blog.


Email Marketing

This is not a way of making money, surely not from your blog. If you are emailing then of course this is not your blog. But these subscribers are the readers of your blog and thus this is related to your blog. If you put a ppc (pay per click) link in your email and email to your blog’s readers then surely you will make money from it. This is the concept of it.

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