Selling eBooks is a great of generating income from online business. Now, almost all internet users use to read eBooks instead of reading in paper. The world of newspapers/books has gone now. It feels good to read something in eBooks with lots of images and animations instead of books with static images. We all know that in the coming years, there would be no paper books.

In case of you, if you are a blogger or an author then surely you can make money with selling eBooks. You have a blog and valuable readers, eBooks will be a source of interest for your readers. But, for selling eBooks, you have not only to make eBooks and you will get buyers.

To gain the attention of buyers, you would have to give attention on many factors like designing eBooks, giving appropriate title and promoting it. Most people don’t like to write and sell eBook because they don’t know the right method to make an eBook. If you want to make money by selling eBooks then let’s go in details.

Writing an EBook – Tips To be Followed

Write in Your Niche

If you want to write an eBook then I will highly recommended you to write in your niche. It means, write on the topic that you think that you are an expert in that field. Don’t write in that niche which makes lots of money or in that niche which is most famous. You should write in the niche which you love.

Choosing the Appropriate Title

Choosing title for your eBook is just like choosing headline for you blog post. So, I think you should give same attention with both. You should make title keeping the interest of readers along with the search engines.

Adding Something Extra Spicy

You may ask why I should write what already people know. But there may be some other people out there to learn many new things from your eBook. There may be some points which they would not know and you only know about that. That’s why you should write and add your own thought.

Designing Your EBook

Most people buy books by looking at their covers only, so you should design your EBook in such way that it can attract someone in the first time. Especially, cover of eBook should be eye catching and automatically gives a brief description of your eBook. As a phrase said, “A book can be judged by its cover!”

Now, it’s Time for Selling Your EBook

 You may think your blog is the perfect place for selling your eBooks. But, Amazon is the best place for sell . You should publish your eBooks on Amazon Kindle Store. Some other sites for selling your eBooks are Lulu, Smashwords, MyeBook.

Some other ways to sell your eBook:

  • Run a Giveaway while Selling EBook.
  • Give Trial Offers.
  • Offer Some Freebies

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